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As soon as Jungkook parked the car, you quickly got off before he did. Because if no, you would have to walk together with him when you were now, trying to move on and forget your feelings for him little by little. You realized how hurt it was, holding on him alone.

"About your favour last night.. I'll try." You said without even looking at his way and then left as quick as possible.

"Thanks." He muttered while looking at you getting farther away, slowly becoming a small dot and soon disappeared from his sight.

He stayed in the car for a while, thinking if what he did was even the right choice.

*Is divorce really the best way?*

Meanwhile, you headed straight to your dad's office, wishing to end everything.

"Appa.." you swung the door opened only to see him talking in the phone.

"Taehee-yah, I'm busy right now. By the way can you please hand this to Jungkook?" He handed you a black file before rushing out, leaving you alone in his office.

You'd no other choice but to just wait for the right time to talk with him about the matter. Emotionless, you went into the elevator and pressed the fifth level where Jungkook's office was.

When you arrived in front of his office, you decided to peek a little to check if he was alone or not.

Your act was right, through the small opened door, you could clearly see Areum sitting across of him.

Frustrated seeing the two of them, you closed the door back quietly and kicked the door hard before running away. Both were startled by the loud sound.

"What was that?" She frowned annoyingly and ran to the door to check but found no one around.

She couldn't help herself but to get goosebumps at what just happened.

Meanwhile you were in your office, trying to catch your breath after running away as fast as you could not wanting to get caught. You slumped over to your desk, feeling exhausted yet relieved in the same time. Not too long after that, you received a call from Jungkook.

*Did he know it was me?!* you thought in panic, still breathing heavily.

Before answering his call, you took a deep breath first.


"Where's that black file? Your dad asked you to hand it to me, right?"

"Oh.. yeah. I'm coming." You said and quickly hung up.

-Jungkook's Office-

"Here." You handed him the file with a calm face, acting as if you'd done nothing.

He looked up to you and slowly reached for the file when suddenly, he grabbed your hand instead of the file. You gasped, shocked at his sudden touch.

"It was you, right? The one who kicked the door." Jungkook smirked while you did your best to act.

"What are you talking about." For the first time, you roughly yanked his hand.

"Just be honest." He said, not giving up.

"I don't understand what you're saying."

"I saw you peeking, pabo (idiot)." He chuckled and made your cheeks burning up in embarrassment. He already knew the truth and lying would be definitely useless.

You were about to head out from his office to escape from the situation when suddenly he said something that stopped your steps immediately.

"No goodbye-kiss for your husband?" Jungkook asked out of the blue. The words just randomly came out from his mouth.

"Ask that from Areum, your GIRLFRIEND." You emphasized the last word before stomping out from his office, leaving him dumbfounded.

"I just wanna tease her. Why is she so mad all of a sudden?" Jungkook mumbled by himself and continued to do his work. But then he realized that if you two really going to divorce someday, he wouldn't be able to tease you anymore.

At that moment, you were still at the outside, leaning your back on his door.

*Stop making me hope, pabo.*

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