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-At your office-

A week had passed and you were now back to work. When you were doing your works in peace, you heard 2 knocks on the door, revealing your cruel+cute husband.

"This is the first time you come to my office." You scoffed, trying to act arrogant in front of him.

"Well I was really busy. I'd no time to come here." He put one hand into his pocket and wandered around your office.

Busy he said? Heck yeah, busy with Areum.

"Oh, by the way.. here." He walked towards you and placed a mysterious plastic bag on your table.

"What is this?" You snatched it quick as you could smell something good from it.

"I bought you some donuts and a cup of milk tea." He proudly smiled, knowing that you would never, ever resist food.

"Ouh.. thanks." Your expression changed in an instant looking at the crispy donuts with sweet chocolate icing spread out over the top.

"Emm.. Let's have lunch together today." He said softly.

You immediately put your head up as your eyes grew wide. For a second, you wondered if you heard him wrong.

"Lunch? You and me? Just the two of us?" You asked in disbelief.

That was the first time he invited you for lunch too as he always disappeared to somewhere unknown with Areum before.

Jungkook smirked and nodded his head as the answer to your question.

"Don't forget about it." He reminded before walking out, leaving you in a state of shock. What actually had gotten into him, you'd no idea.


It was a bit awkward eating with him at lunch time since you two usually parted at work. Even the other staffs found it rare to look at you together. Some of them envied you two while some were the opposite. They shipped you two.

As both of you sat down, you took out your lunchbox that you made for yourself early in the morning from a brown colored bag . Jungkook just stared at you who then began to eat as if he was invisible there.

*She cooked all of this for herself?* he thought, feeling unsatisfied that you didn't make any for him.

"I want that fries." He stated, and the only thing that you did was gesturing him to take it himself.

"Feed me." He opened his mouth up only to get ignored by you.

He rolled his eyes, frustrated. While you were busy eating your meal alone, he suddenly came up with an idea. A brilliant one to him.

Jungkook suddenly stood up on the chair, earning everyone's attention in the cafe. You froze in confusion for a second.

"Yah, yah! Look at them!" People around you began to whisper and stare at the two of you with weird smiles on their faces.

"What are you doing? Get down! You're embarrassing me." You whispered to him, but Jungkook wasn't listening.

"Promise to everyone here that you will love me forever. Then, I will sit back." He smirked, purposely said it loud to let those people around hear.

"I won't do i—"

"What are you waiting for? Do it!" One of the staffs there said and everyone even cheered for you two, raising your nervousness. At that moment, you wondered what actually possessed him to act that way.

In the corner of your eyes, you saw your dad smiling while clapping his hands along with the crowds.

However, among the crowds, Areum was actually there, looking at the two of you in anger and disgust. But none of you noticed her to be there.

"C'mon Taehee, what's so hard to promise me that?"

Feeling extremely embarrassed, you stood up and quickly made your way out from the cafe leaving everyone in disappointment, especially Jungkook.

In a blink of an eye, they fell into an awkward silence. With celerity, Jungkook packed the lunchbox and put it into your brown bag before chasing after you. He knew where you were, and went straight up to your office.

Without a knock from him, he abruptly burst into your office. There you were, sitting on your table looking so frustrated.

"Why did you leave just like that?" He laughed before closing the door back.

"You embarrassed me in front of everyone!" You stomped your feet to the floor as he approached you.

"How was that even embarrassing?" Jungkook laughed again while putting the bag on your desk. You noticed that he laughed a lot today.

"Why Taehee," He leaned on the desk and locked his eyes with yours, "..can't you promise that to me?"

Again, you were stunned for a moment. "After you asked me to tell my dad that I want to get divorced?"

This time, it was his turn to become speechless. He'd already forgotten about that.

"Did I?" He frowned, pretending as if he was innocent.

"By the way, let's go home together tonight." Jungkook grinned before stepping out from your office.

*Is he playing with me?* you clenched your fist while bitting your lower lip. He made you confused whether to feel happy or not.


Several hours later, working time had finally ended. You waited for Jungkook at the parking lot but he wasn't showing up. He sent you a text, informing you that he would be a little bit late.

About half an hour later, someone finally approached you, but that person wasn't your husband. Someone unexpected showed up instead.


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