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That night, Jungkook tried to talk to you again but this time with something in his hand. That was the first time he ever bought food for you. However, something was making him hesitated to go in. His nervousness.

After what he just said to you, Jungkook found it difficult to face you again.

*Should I apologize? But I don't know how! Or maybe I should just treat her like always. But how do I usually treat her again?* he walked back and forth, soon realized that he looked stupid for doing so.

"Hah. I don't care. Hey!" Jungkook just shrugged it off at last and burst into the room.

He stood there in silence looking even more stupid than before when he found out that you were not there. All of those thoughts just now were completely useless.

"Where did she—" he left the room in a hurry and went to search for you. If something happen to you again, not only you would be difficult for him to face but also, your dad.

He ran and ran until he heard a familiar voice echoed from the staircase. He rushed towards the voice only to witness you trying so hard to climb up.

"Where are you going?" Jungkook frowned.

You looked scary just like a grandma in a horror movie.

"I'm hungry. But no one answered the phone so I'm going to have my dinner no—." Just when you were about to take one more step, your foot landed on the edge of the stair which caused you to lose your own balance.

Knowing that you were falling down, you were physically prepared for the impact until you fell on something warm instead. Jungkook caught you just on time.

"Just go back to your room. You're just causing trouble to everyone." He rolled his eyes as he helped you walked back to your room.

Nothing came out from your mouth. It left you speechless. Finally, he acted like a real husband.

"I happened to buy a lot of fried chicken. I can't finish them all so you have to finish them." He emphasized the words have to so that you won't know that he purposely bought it for you.

"You keep on changing, just like the weather." You scoffed.

"Same goes to you."


Since both of your hands were still wrapped in bandages, Jungkook helped you out to eat which made you awkward and happy in the same time.

"Open your mouth." He gritted his teeth, annoyed that you kept on refusing the drumstick that he offered to you.

*I look so ugly when I eat, I don't want him to see that.* you shook your head to him.

"Don't make me mad Song Taehee!" He urged and put the drumstick nearer until it touched your lips.

*I don't want him to see my ugliest face but I'm so FREAKING HUNGRY I COULD DIE I— I— I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!*

At last, you opened your mouth wide and bit the drumstick in his hand.

As expected, Jungkook was stunned by the sight. As if he was watching a dragon gobbled down its meal. He was taken aback because of the awful sight but was grateful that you ate what he bought for you.

Not too long after that, someone rang the door bell and at the same time, you finished the first drumstick. Jungkook quickly grabbed for the tissue to wipe his oily fingers and headed to the door.

It surprised him to see an unexpected visitor once he opened the door.

"Oh, Taehyun-ssi. You need anything here?"

"I'm Taehyung." He corrected him before giving him a mysterious white box. "A gift for your wife."

Jungkook accepted it and was about to check what was inside when Taehyung suddenly stopped him from doing that. He looked up only to receive a death glare from him.

"I know something that you did behind your wife's back."

Jungkook didn't look too shock by his statement, as if he knew what he actually meant.

"What is it?" He raised his eyebrows.

"You cheated on her." Taehyung's eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard, showing that he was very mad but that didn't scare Jungkook even a bit.

"My wife knows," he said, making Taehyung frowned before continuing,

"..and she still stupidly loves me."

He stomped the door closed and heaved a very long sigh.

He wondered when, when he could finally stop all of this and live like how he wanted. The arranged marriage destroyed his dream life. He had sacrificed his own dream, just to make the old man who took good care of him happy. The old man shouldn't be blamed though, because it was his decision to walk on this thorny path.

"Who is it?" You snapped his thoughts off and brought him back as he was already spacing out.

"Just someone. He gave you this." He replied short and motioned you to go back to bed while he put the box next to you.

The white box looked so nice, raising your excitement and anticipation.

"Open it." You ordered, and he just obeyed.

Inside of the white box, another plastic rigid box was there, filled with chocolates that were individually sealed in gold coloured foil and nestled in a paper cup. It's Ferrero Rocher.

"You wanna try?" He took one of the chocolates, unwrapped the gold coloured foil and then motioned you to open your mouth.

You opened up a bit smaller than before as he feeded you the chocolate. He offered you one by one when suddenly, he spoke up, ruining the good atmosphere.

"Listen, don't get your hopes up too much on me. I'm just doing this for your dad."

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