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"Drama~ Drama~ Here I come~" you lazily threw yourself into the couch and turned the tv on. That's your weekly routine.

"Let's go to the gym." Jungkook said as he threw the soft pillow right to your face.

*Again?!! Hell no!!!* you screamed inside. *I'll just pretend that I'm sick.*

"I think I've a cold.. you can just go by yourself, I'll be fine.." you began to act and even faked a cough.

Surprisingly, this fool fell for that.

Actually he was just joking as he knew that you hated it so much since last night. He just wanted to annoy you for fun.

"Ah.. is that so? Then, I'll go alone."

A few minutes later, you heard him stepping out from the house. You felt a bit sorry for lying to him but just by the thought of going back to that place made your legs weak.

Shrugging the thoughts off, you continued to watch the television. But then suddenly, your phone rang. Who would call early in the wonderful morning like this?

A bit annoyed, you snatched the phone that was on the table to check.

*Kim Taehyung?* you widened your eyes as his name popped out on your screen.

With speed, you fixed your posture and cleared your throat not to let out a funny croaky voice.


"Song Tae~ Have you eaten breakfast yet?" He asked.

"Kim Tae~ Well yeah. Why?"

"Jinjja(really)??" He sounded clearly disappointed. "Actually I was planning to eat out with you..."

"Sure!" Your face immediately brightened up. "I can eat twice~"

"Good! So let's meet at Kookie Cafe."

-Kookie Cafe-

Taehyung ordered a plate of fried egg sandwich, peanut butter waffle and a cup of hot chocolate while a plate of fluffy American style pancakes and a cup of hot Americano for yourself.

In the middle of eating, Taehyung suddenly brought up with a topic.

"Does your husband still treat you badly?" He asked which made you almost choked on your pancakes.

"Umm.. well, he is better now. But, he is still with that woman. Seeing her every single day." you bit your lip, it made you down just by imagining them together.

Taehyung could see the sad gazes on your eyes. He understood the hard times you were going through and realized how strong you are after all of those horrible scenes you'd seen.

"Why don't you do the same?" He smirked, proud of his own idea which he just made up seconds ago.

"You mean, I should start seeing someone too? Spending time with another man in front of him? Something like that?"

He raised his eyebrows as a yes sign.

You remained quiet for a while to think about that brilliant idea.

"But, I don't think it matters to him though. Whether I'm seeing someone or not, he won't care." You sighed, but Taehyung didn't want you to give up yet.

"Just give it a try. As his wife, you need to make him realize that you're good enough for him. Fight for him, if you really love him."

"Who will be that another man? No one want to waste their time to do all those with me." You shook your head, rejecting his idea.

"I will." Taehyung stated, fearless.

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