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While you were in the washroom, Taehyung and Jimin had a conversation between themselves in the living room.

"Don't tell me she is that married woman you've been talking about." Jimin raised his eyebrow while pointing at him.

"I never know that you're her friend. And the fact that.." Taehyung paused and looked around before continuing with a low voice "..you also like her."

Both of them stared at each other before suddenly burst into laughter. They'd been talking about the same person all this time without them realizing it. But then Jimin remembered something and stopped laughing.

"Yah! Did you really act like her boyfriend that day in front of her husband?!" He glared with that small eyes of him.

Taehyung then stopped laughing and grinned at his short friend.

"Well~ I bet you're jealous~" he teased as Jimin abruptly jumped on his back.

"Damn you Kim Taehyung!"

Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck, making Taehyung hard to breathe.

"Aish! G-get off!" He tried to shove him off but it was seriously very hard to do so as Jimin held him really tight.

Not too long after that, they stopped arguing with each other when they saw you approaching. Both of them grinned at you as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was in a park enjoying his Sunday with Areum. But still, he couldn't really focus thinking that you were not talking to him anymore which made him somehow..

.. a little bit uneasy.


At exactly 10 p.m., you arrived in front of your house. But not only that, Jungkook arrived at the same time too making you two almost bumped at each other at the door. Acting like a gentleman, he gestured you to go in first, so you did.

After that, both of you parted entering each other's room in silent.

But then when you swept the door opened, you were greeted with a sudden hug from a guy making you screamed in shock. In the same time, you wondered what was the guy doing in your house.

"Tae~~~ I miss you!" He exclaimed, buring his face in your neck.

It was shocking but when you heard his sweet voice, you knew who he was.

"Taejoong-oppa?" A soft smile slowly curved your lips.

He backed off and looked into your eyes

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He backed off and looked into your eyes. Yes, it was him. Your brother who left for Japan since 3 years ago.

Jungkook who heard your scream just now quickly ran out to look for you.

"Wae? Wae?!" He burst into your room only to see an unknown guy giving you a peck on your cheek.

"What the heck?!" Both Jungkook and Taejoong said when they saw each other.

"Your boyfriend?!" Both of them glared at you who were trapped between them.

-Living Room-

"He is my brother Song Taejoong~" you introduced him while hugging him making Jungkook a little bit uncomfortable.

"Who is he?" Taejoong asked while pointing at him. Both gave bad impressions on the first meeting.

"He is Jeon Jungkook. My...................... husband."

"You're married?!! How come I didn't know anything?!" He frowned, shocked and upset at the breaking news.

"We did tell you. But you're always busy when we give you a call!" You playfully hit him while Jungkook had this small smirk on his face.

"Whatever. Do you have an extra room? I'll be staying here tonight." He said which made Jungkook widened his eyes.

Although he was your brother, he didn't really feel comfortable having him around.

"You can sleep in Jung-"

"Yes we have an extra room for you!" Jungkook cut you off before suddenly dragged you into his room leaving Taejoong in confusion.

"You can't tell him this is my room. He might feel weird if he knows that we sleep separately."

"So what are we going to do?" You frowned.

"He'll sleep here and..." he replied before continuing,

"I'll sleep in your room."

That was how you two finally started to talk with each other again.

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