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-Jungkook's POV-

The next morning, I woke up to the tapping sunlight on my face. I blinked my eyes for a few times only to realize that I was lying in Taehee's bed.

Oh yeah, I finally remembered. Last night, it was so cold and lonely so I went to her room though I knew that she wasn't there.

And here I was, lying in her bed where she used to be. It was filled with her scent, making me wanted to wrap her around my arms again. I couldn't help myself but to stupidly hope that she would come back.

I missed her so much, so much that I could die because of this pain.

"Did she feel this pain too back then?" I asked myself and started to regret every little harsh thing I've done to her.

If only I could turn back the time, I would have loved her more. But everything was shattering and it was my mistake.

Slowly, I got off from the bed and headed to the kitchen. How stupid I was to imagine that she would be here, preparing delicious breakfast for me like she usually did.

Shrugging the thoughts off, I grabbed my phone and ordered jajjangmyeon from the nearest restaurant. At least, I didn't have to eat ramyeon in the morning.

While waiting for the delivery, I walked to the balcony. My eyes scanned everything down there when suddenly, I spotted a couple in the park. They looked very close to each other even though they weren't even holding hands. I envied the two so much.

Oh, wait. That was Taehyung-hyung and..

"Taehee?!" I widened my eyes when I realized that the woman beside him was her.

My mouth was slightly opened, shocked. She never answered my calls these days and didn't even want to see me and yet, she was meeting Taehyung?!

I clenched my fist and took out my phone using another hand. For the first time, I dialed someone with celerity.

"Hello?" Taehyung answered right away while I just kept staring on the two of them from afar.

"Hyung, where are you right now?" I asked.

I could sense that he was a bit hesitated to answer. In the same time, I was expecting him to lie for my next question.

"I'm in the park."

"With who?"

As expected, he was wordless. As I waited for him to answer, I was shocked to see when suddenly he handed the phone to Taehee. Well, I didn't expect this one. She refused but Taehyung seemed to manage on forcing her.

I pushed the button to increase the volume so that I could hear her voice that I'd been longing for. My heart beated faster as I waited for her to say something.

However, it seemed like she wouldn't say anything though she held the phone really close to her ear already.

"Bogoshipeo (I miss you)." I whispered through the phone.

A few seconds later, the line was cut off. It hurts that she hung up, but at least she heard me said those words.


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