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You were unpacking your stuffs alone in the room while listening to a calm song. Jungkook was supposed to stay in the same room with you but he got another different room for himself.

After you were done unpacking, you decided to take a walk at the outside. The place was really nice and quiet which gave you relaxation. It was really clean too as you couldn't even see a dust. As expected from a 5-star resort.

Not only that, you heard that there was a really beautiful swimming pool there so you went to check it out.

As soon as you arrived there, your jaws dropped looking at how cool it was. It was indeed like what people said, really beautiful.

You were about to take a selfie but was taken aback when suddenly a big splash from the swimming pool hit you, drenching you from head to toe. Glad that the phone was waterproof.

You glared at the person who just abruptly appeared from the pool. He was wearing goggles, and when he saw you completely drenched while shooting him a glare, he quickly took it off - revealing his handsome face that made you speechless for a moment.

You couldn't believe that someone who is more handsome than Jungkook exists.

"Uh-oh. What have I done?" He immediately went out from the pool to check on your condition.

"I'm really sorry. I was trying to hold my breath under the water and also trying to sing but when I opened my mouth the water went in and I choked and.. and... hah. I'm sorry." He bit his lips and gave you the sorry look.

You didn't even pay attention on what he was saying. All you did was staring at his handsome face in amazement.

"Are you...listening?" He waved his hand in front of your face as you'd started to space out.

The guy then walked to the chair and grabbed his towel. After that, he walked back to you and gently wiped your wet face with it.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault."

He continued to wipe not realizing that someone was approaching. Not exactly approaching but they were walking past.

Your eyes immediately fell to them, who turned out to be Jungkook with Areum on his side. He locked his eyes with you but broke it when he saw the guy.

Soon, both of them left the scene, heading to somewhere else.

*Woah seriously, she told me she likes me but already has someone else? She should've told Abeoji earlier and we didn't have to get married. But still, is he her boyfriend? Or perhaps ex?* Jungkook wondered.

Somehow, the scene just couldn't leave out his head. That's what happened whenever he's overwhelmed with curiosity.

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