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The next morning, you woke up earlier than usual. You thought that you were the first person to wake up but no, Jimin was already up. He was sitting on the kitchen counter while enjoying his hot coffee.

"Jimin-ah," you approached him as he instantly turned his head to you.

"Where's Jungkook?" You asked with visible dark circles under your eyes. You didn't really get to sleep well last night.

"He's still asleep." He responded before taking another sip of his coffee.

You nodded and slowly headed to a room that the three of them stayed in last night to check on him. Carefully, you opened the door a bit to peek, only to see Jungkook and Taehyung sleeping really close to each other like a baby. They looked so adorable~

While you were giggling over them, your phone suddenly rang.

"Hello? Ne, I'm Song Taehee. Ne. Okay I'm coming."

"Who?" Jimin asked, feeling curious.

"The movers. We hired some to move our stuffs and they've arrived there so I've to go back to my house now."

You were about to walk into the room to wake Jungkook up but then Jimin stopped you by volunteering himself to come with you.

3 hours later, Jungkook was awake by a sudden unpleasant smell. When he slowly opened his eyes, Taehyung's foot was right in front of his face. No wonder it was damn smelly.

He checked on the time only to realize that it was already 10 a.m. in the morning. The movers were supposed to be at home already. Panic, he rushed out to look for you but he couldn't find you anywhere.

Without even washing his face, he then ran to the door only to see some busy workers lifting a big, familiar white couch in front of him. No doubt, they were the movers. They went straight into your apartment and put those stuffs there and even helped to unpack them.

Just then, he saw you and Jimin walking together while laughing at each other. Both were holding some boxes.

You didn't even notice Jungkook standing by the door and when you were about to just walk past him, he gently grabbed your arm, pulling you closer to him.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" He whispered and looked at Jimin as if he was signing him to go. Jimin felt awkward and so he quickly left the scene.

"What for? Jimin is there to help me." You frowned.

"That's not the problem." He said in an annoying tone.

"So what's the problem?" You fought back and left Jungkook at a loss for words.

*Yeah, what's the problem actually? I feel so mad all of a sudden, I don't know why..* he began to ask himself, eyes fell to the floor.

Meanwhile you just stared at him, looking so dull.

"You better wash your face first.." you said before walking into your apartment with the box, leaving him dumbfounded.


A few hours later, every furniture had been arranged nicely making the apartment looked so alive and beautiful. More important, it was brighter than before.

"By the way Jungkook, I'm eating out with them." You said to him who was lying on the couch, watching cartoons on television.

"Them? You mean those guys next door?" He raised an eyebrow at you.

"Yep. Who else."

"Don't you have any female friends?" Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. He noticed that you hung out with them frequently nowadays.

"I do. But Jimin and Taehyung are the closest to me." You simply answered.

*The closest? Fine. I lose to that.*

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