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"What's wrong, appa? Why do you want to see us all of a sudden?" You asked while Jungkook stood beside you nervously.

"I found out..." he uttered.

Both you and Jungkook exchanged looks with each other, wondering if he was about to talk about the secret the two of you kept.

*Does he know about it already? Yes!*

*I'm done. I'm done!*

"I found out..."

You and Jungkook both cleared your throat, waiting for him to continue.

"...that your fridge is empty when you two went for a honeymoon. Why don't both of you go out together to buy some groceries?" He suggested with a wrinkled smile on his face.

"Oh." Both of you said in a chorus, not expecting that to come out from his mouth.

"Well we're planning to go to buy some after work, right Taehee~" Jungkook snudged you, gesturing you to act along.

"Err yeah." You nodded. Of course that was a lie.

"Good! Oh, anyway there are a lot of cases like rape wondering around nowadays so be careful and stick with each other okay?" Your dad advised as both of you nodded before excusing yourselves.

After working time had ended, the two of you went to a grocery store together. However, it irritated you a lot as Jungkook didn't lend a help and just kept on chatting with Areum through his phone. Sometimes he would suddenly smiled alone which made you really really upset.

Such a useless husband.

You decided to just shrug it off and finished your shopping as soon as possible.

When both of you arrived at home, you instantly walked to the couch and threw your tired body.

But then a few minutes after that, Jungkook suddenly came out from his room, sleeveless.

"Where are you going?"

"To a gym." He said as he opened the door.

Before he step out, he suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at you.

"There are a lot of cases like rape wondering around nowadays so be careful and stick with each other"

Your dad's words suddenly popped out in his head, making him worried to just leave you alone at home. He closed the door and swiftly made his way to you.

"Yah, get ready. We're going to a gym." He suddenly said to you who were about to eat the snacks you just bought.



"Fuhh.. I can't do this anymore." You laid on the floor, sweating all over your body after running on the treadmill for 5 minutes. It was seriously exhausting and it felt like your legs would break in anytime if you continue doing it.

Jungkook who was also sweating after working out was laughing at you from afar. He slowly walked to you and laid himself beside you, smirking.

"Tired already?" He playfully teased.

"Go away." You groaned, feeling annoyed and embarrassed at the same time.

"Come on, you need to exercise a bit if you want to be very pretty like Areum." He joked while you rolled your eyes as he mentioned her name.

"I'm satisfied with myself! I love myself!" You turned your body to the other side, back facing him, sulking.

Jungkook turned silent all of a sudden as he just stared at you from the back, thinking.

"Just kidding. You look nice too." He said before walking away to work out again, leaving you speechless with fluttering heart.

*Does nice mean pretty?*

"Argh! Whatever I'm not coming here anymore!!"

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