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"Take good care of her, Jungkook-ah." Your dad said to him as he nodded as a response.

"It's so crowded there. Hold her hands okay?" Your mom said as Jungkook slowly intertwined his hands with yours.

"Eomma..." you whined quietly to her, feeling embarrassed and happy in the same time.

"We've to go now." Jungkook said.

Deep inside he wanted to escape from the awkward feeling when holding hands with you. The last time you two held hands was on the wedding ceremony. That was the last time.

After bidding goodbye to your parents and checked in, Jungkook immediately let your hand go. It was sad, but the warm that his hand gave was still in your hand.

Both of you walked together into the plane, heading to VIP seats. None of you dared to start a conversation.

After you sat comfortably, you noticed that Jungkook kept on looking at his phone. Before the door closed, he suddenly received a call from someone.

"Oh, Areum-ie.. where are you?"

*Areum? She calls him at this time? Seriously.* you rolled your eyes, a bit annoyed.

"You're here? Fine, I'll go there." He hung up and quickly grabbed his bag.

"Where are you going?" You asked in confusion while looking at him.

"I'm sitting next to Areum." He said and left, leaving you dumbfounded there. Your honeymoon fantasies then crushed into pieces.

*She's here?? She's coming along??*

You frowned in frustration. Everything was just going well until she ruined it all.

Unfortunately, your journey to Jeju Island begun with frustration, anger and depression.

*My 2 weeks honeymoon..* you sighed.

You were actually planning to get close with Jungkook during the honeymoon. But with Areum around, he would definitely leave you behind and sticked with her instead.

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