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It had been a month since you got married with Jeon Jungkook, 24, your love at first sight.

He worked at your dad's company and so did you but his position was higher.

There was where you met him, at your workplace.

Thanks to your dad, he was the one who arranged your marriage with him. He had always been liking Jungkook and was really close with him.

When your dad asked Jungkook if he wanted to marry you, he said

"I would agree, if that's your wish."

It was a dream came true. You thought that he also had feelings for you and that was why he agreed.

But no.

He confessed something 10 minutes before the wedding ceremony.


With a sparkling white gown, you nervously waited for the best moment in your life. The day you finally got married to Jeon Jungkook.

You heard 2 knocks on the door and was startled by Jungkook's sudden appearance. He was wearing a black suit, looking so charming.

He gently asked all of the stylists to leave as he'd something really important to tell you.

"Jungkook?" You greeted him with a flawless smile.

He looked at you from head to toe before heaving a long sigh.

"What's wrong?" You asked, worried if he didn't like the gown you were wearing.

Slowly, he made his way to you and stopped right in front of you. He didn't even smile nor looked happy like he always did when working.

Something was wrong with him.

"I want to tell you first, why I agreed to marry you when we barely know each other." He said in a serious tone, making you more nervous.

"Why...?" You questioned as the excited smile just now was replaced with a confused smile.

He took a deep breath before continuing, ready to confess the whole thing he'd been keeping.

"I owe your dad. He was the one who took good care of me when my family was involved in a car accident and gone forever. I have no family but your dad reached out his hand to help me to stand up again until now." He explained before adding,

"That's why, since then I promised myself to grant any of his wishes including marrying you. So, I hope you don't get your hopes too much on me." He finished his sentence leaving you completely speechless, hearing how owed he was to your father.

He was about to head out but you grabbed his shirt with speed, stopping him from going. He turned his head sharply, looking down at your height.

"What do you mean by not getting my hopes too much on you?" You asked, eyes watered a little.

"Your dad told me how much you like me, but I don't think I can return those feelings because.." he said before continuing which made your heart broken into pieces,

"..I have a girlfriend."


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