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After you were done, he walked out from the bathroom with wet hair and the first thing that he saw was his table which made his jaws dropped.

For a second, you thought he was shocked to see the pizza but unfortunately, no.

He made his way to the table with a frown and grabbed all of the papers to check. His face was showing an obvious sign of anger.

"Aish! I've arranged these papers why did you gather them together like this?!" He yelled which flinched you a little.

A sense of guilt had started to grow in you.

"I'm sorry I didn't know.. let me h-"

"Shut up!" He yelled once again. "You shouldn't touch anything right from the start. Sh##!"

You were not the only one who were shocked but he, himself too was surprised by his own words.

"I'm really sorry.." you mumbled and stormed out from his room immediately.

Jungkook became quiet all of a sudden. He looked down at the papers and started to feel a bit regret for raising his voice on you. He realized that he wasn't supposed to yell at you just because of the small matter. He just need to arrange them back like before which was not that hard to do.

*Why I couldn't just shrug it off just like how I did to Areum before?*


"Omo! I'm sorry hun!" She apologized after accidentally spilled a glass of water on his paperwork.

Jungkook was completely speechless since it was his really important piece of paper. But since it was Areum who did it, he cooled down and just smiled at her as if it was nothing.

"It's okay."


Jungkook slowly sat on the chair and stared at the pizza you bought. He knew that you were planning to eat them together but he seemed to be ruining everything.

He waited for you to come back but of course that was impossible after getting yelled by him that bad. So, he ate the whole box alone.

A box was left untouched. He still feel bad for what he'd done to you and decided..

..to apologize.

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