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You were completely drenched and you knew that it wasn't going to make you dry just by wiping. So, you decided to go back to your room to change, accompanied by the guy earlier.

On the way to your room, both of you talked about random stuffs to avoid awkward silence.

"By the way, I'm Kim Taehyung."

Even his name is 'handsome'~

"I'm... err.. Song Taehee." You said. It was confusing whether you should use 'Jeon' or 'Song'.

Later, you arrived in front of your room and had to apart with Taehyung, your new friend.

"Let's have dinner together. If you don't mind, I'm gonna bring my friend along." He grinned as you shyly nodded.

He is such a nice and friendly guy. Somehow, he kinda resembles Jimin.

After changing into some comfortable clothes, you rushed out to meet Taehyung for dinner. But then when you were about to enter the elevator, Jungkook was there, alone.

Staring at you who seemed hesitated to enter.

"Are you coming in or not?" He frowned and without thinking twice, you stepped into the elevator and pressed level 3.

At first Jungkook thought you were out to eat dinner but weirdly, you pressed level 3 instead of 5 where the restaurant was supposed to be.

"Where are you going?" He suddenly asked, breaking the silence you two always kept.

"My friend invited me for dinner.." you answered.

Now he knew why you wanted to stop by at the third level.

"That guy earlier?"

"... yes."

Suddenly, an evil idea popped into his mind.

"Does he know anything about us?" He questioned.

"No. We just met so I haven't told him that."

Jungkook slowly nodded his head. He took the wedding ring that he hid in his pocket and secretly wore it back.

Soon, the elevator stopped at the 3rd level. The door opened automatically and Taehyung who was already there, immediately stepped in.

Both of you exchanged hi's and he was about to stand beside you when Jungkook pulled you closer to him all of a sudden, making you shocked and confused.

Taehyung had the same expression as yours, his smile slowly faded away.

"Ah honey, is he your new friend that you mentioned just now?" Jungkook smiled, which left you speechless at his sudden behaviour.

Jungkook held his hand out to Taehyung for a shake and purposely let the wedding ring visible to him.

"I'm Jeon Jungkook, her husband."

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