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With a box in his left hand, he used another hand to sweep the card. He had a spare so he didn't need to ring the bell and wait for you to open the door.

"Taehee-ssi." He called your name.

However, the room was really quiet and he couldn't find you anywhere. No one was in the room.

He thought you were out to meet Taehyung, so he left the pizza box beside your phone on the table and rushed out to find him.

*Damn! I forgot which one is his room.* he cursed inside and then suddenly came up with an idea.

Desperate, Jungkook rang the bell without hesitant one by one room. He kept on ringing the wrong one until the fifth door.

The door swung opened revealing Taehyung. Finally, he didn't have to ring another one and meet strangers anymore.

"I think I've seen you before.." Taehyung said while examining his face carefully.

"Of course. I'm Taehee's husband." He stated and made Taehyung burning up inside as the scene from past days appeared in his head. He forgets unimportant people easily.

"What do you want?" He rolled his eyes, irritated with his appearance.

"Did you see Taehee today?"

"No. And why would you care? You cheated on her- oh I mean, neglecting her." He glared.

Jungkook glared back at him sharply as if they were about to start a fight.

"I'm trying to sleep back, don't disturb me. Sorry." Taehyung closed the door before he could ask anything.

Jungkook sighed in frustration and searched for you everywhere. In the swimming pool, restaurant, gym and the last one, lobby. He asked the staffs there about you but unfortunately no one knew.

Not giving up yet, he went out and asked the taxi drivers if they'd seen you. Finally, one of them had the answer to his question. Jungkook even showed your picture to the taxi ahjussi to make sure.

"I'm sure it's her. She asked me to stop by at V Mall."

"Can you bring me there??" He begged in desperate. The ahjussi gave him a questioning look and smirked.

"Chasing after your girlfriend, huh? Did you two have a fight?" He laughed and entered the cab, followed by Jungkook.

"She is my wife."

"Oh. You two look very young," he said, showing his surprise before adding,

"No wonder she was crying. You two must have fought today."

"She cried?"

"I saw tears on her eyes. You should try to talk nicely to her after this." He advised as a man who'd married for decades and had lots of experience.

Soon, he arrived in front of the V Mall and paid for the fares.

"Am I going to search for her here?" His jaws dropped looking at how big the mall was.

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