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The shimmering stars illuminated the dark, moonless night. The cold wind that softly brushed your bare skin offered you a calm feeling while sitting in the chair on the balcony as you were accompanied by musics that came out from your headphone.

You were trying to relax yourself when suddenly, your dad approached you and seated himself next to you in another chair. Knowing that he wanted to start a conversation, you slowly took the headphone off.

"Are you sure you want a divorce?" He asked directly.

You couldn't help but to heave a long and tired sigh. The question was thrown to you, just like what you expected.

"I want to start a new life and forget everything." You replied, while twirling the headphone wires.

"I know that you're hurt, upset, and disappointed after what happened. Appa felt the same thing, but you must not regret your choice later on." He advised.

"Appa.. don't you hate Jungkook for what he have done?" You asked.

He then crossed his arms over his chest, eyes looked up as if he was searching for the answer.

"I do hate him when I found out about it. But after days passed, I guess hate is a strong word." He said and slowly stood up, ready to go to bed.

His words made you even more confused on what to feel and what to do next.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was in Jimin's apartment. They were watching a late night movie together, all seven of them. Since you left to stay in your parents' house, he spent his lonely days with them.

Everyone was too engrossed on watching the movie, except for one guy who was thinking deeply about his future.

"Hyung.. My wife wants a divorce." Jungkook spoke up out of the blue.

"Mwo (what)?!" All of them said in a chorus, eyes immediately fixed on him.

"So, are you divorced?" Jimin asked only to get a hit from Yoongi.

"Not yet of course. But, she decided to split up for now." He sighed while looking down.

"So are you living by yourself now?" Namjoon asked and he just nodded as a reply.

They began to forget about the movie and talk to him about the matter. The maknae was struggling and it was their job to help him out, right?

At that time, Taehyung took the opportunity and sneaked out to his balcony. He then dialed your number, out of curiosity.

"Hello?" In just 3 seconds, you picked up the call.

"Taehee-yah, I heard that you want a divorce. Is that true?" He asked.

Before answering his question, he could clearly hear you sighing through the phone.

"Jungkook told you, right?"

"Yea.. But why? I thought you two are doing well now."

You kept silent for a few seconds, thinking on where to begin. It was kinda hard to explain, but you still did your best to make it short as possible.

"It was really hard for me, Taehyung-ah.. He dated Areum the time that I really loved him, and when they broke up, he came to me. I tried to love him again like before, but then he broke my trust." You said, voice getting weaker as you reached the last line.

"But.. you still love him, right?"

Once again, he turned you speechless for a moment. Where did he get all those difficult questions from?

"Things are getting complicated.. I don't know my true feelings for now." You answered.

Someone thought that liar was too harsh, and someone thought that devastator was too emotional. You can't choose one of them, because these are our lives.

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