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"Thank you. Please come again!"

Jungkook took the plastig bag and warmly smiled at her before walking out of the pharmacy. Instead of going to the gym, he went out to buy you some medicine. He felt really satisfied on what he just did when suddenly, he saw a familiar looking guy not too far from him.

Slowly, Jungkook walked towards him to see his face. The guy then turned his head as both of them stared at each other. They looked like a cat and a dog - or more like a bunny and a fox.

"Neo (you)?!" They said in a chorus and pointed at each other.

"What are you doing here?" Jungkook asked, frowning. Somehow, he kinda disliked him.

The question was thrown to him just like what Taehyung expected.

"I'm on a date.." he simply stated before adding, "...with your wife."

Jungkook looked at him sharply, not believing what he just said remembering that you were lying on the couch at home, sick.

"As if I would believe th-"

"Sorry for taking so long!" You walked out from the cafe and ran to his side.

As soon as you saw Jungkook there, you gasped and quickly hid behind Taehyung. But meh, he already saw you.

"I told you. We are going to somewhere else after this for our date so please excuse us." Taehyung said.

But before you could go, Jungkook suddenly grabbed you shirt.

"You better explain to me why you lied later." He shoot you a death glare before walking away.


As soon as Jungkook arrived at home, he threw the plastic bag with medicine in it into your bed. He felt really stupid for buying that when you were not actually sick.

He waited for you to come home, until late night, you finally returned.

You saw him, sitting on the couch while crossing his legs, eyes glaring at you. You headed to your room, expecting him to yell, but no. He just stayed there in silent.

As soon as you entered your room, the first thing that you saw was a plastic bag on your bed. You looked inside of it to check only to realize it was medicine for cold.

You rushed out from your room with the medicine and approached him who was still in the couch. Guess what he'd expected turned out to be real.

"I'm sorry Jeon Jungkook.. I didn't mean to lie. I didn't want to go to the gym, that was why I pretended to be sick. And Taehyung, he asked me out to have breakfast with him and his friends. We were not alone, his friends were there too actually. That's all." You explained everything.

Jungkook didn't have to ask anything as you'd already confessed everything, just like what he planned.

After that, he turned the television off and made his way to his room without even looking at you.

*Was that too cruel? Tch. I don't think so.* he shrugged.

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