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"Listen, don't get your hopes up too much on me. I'm just doing this for your dad."

His words kept on ringing in your head. Jungkook had been taking good care of you until both of your hands can finally function well just like before.

Each day, Jungkook cared more for you and you got to talk with him a lot. He began to treat you better, but somehow, he didn't seem honest doing so. As if he was faking everything.

While the other married couples created memories on their honeymoon. You and Jungkook only spent the time to get to know each other.

Days passed until 3 days were left before going back. That morning, Jungkook was up earlier than you and suddenly remembered something important. So, he left.

Not too long after he left, you woke up only to find him no longer by your side. But then, you also found something on the bed. Maybe he was rushing out because..

..he forgot his phone.


With his phone in your left hand and 2 boxes of pizza in your right hand, you nervously stood in front his door waiting for him to open it after ringing the bell.

At first you were thinking to retreat as there was no sign of him opening it. But before you could do so, the door swept open revealing Jungkook in his white robe. He raised his eyebrows as if he was asking 'what are you doing here?'

"I came to give you your phone back and... I bought us some pizzas." You trembled a bit as he just blankly stared on you.

*What if he doesn't want to eat with me? Aish I should've think twice before buying! What if h-*

"Come in." He said and let the door opened for you while he went into the bathroom.

The short words from him swoosh your worries away. Without hesitation you stepped into his room and walked to his table to put the pizza, but there were a lot of papers scattered on it. As you looked carefully, they were his paperwork.

*He brought his paperwork to here? Seriously.* you scoffed. Who would bring their works on honeymoon?

You decided to find another table but there was none left. So you put all of the papers to the side to make some spaces for the pizza.

It looked perfect!

Your eyes then wandered around the room only to realize how messy his room was. As his wife, it was your job to clean them up right?

So you began to clean up a bit. Maybe Jungkook would be happy to see it.

After you were done, he walked out from the bathroom with wet hair and the first thing that he saw was his table which made his jaws dropped.

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