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Taejoong was quickly taken to the emergency room. There, you were nervously standing beside Taehyung. Both prayed for the best. The doctor did everything he could but it was already too late. He couldn't be save.

"I'm sorry..." the doctor sighed and slowly backed off to give you some spaces.

"Oppa..." you sobbed as you approached Taejoong's body laying in the cold hospital bed.

You examined his face carefully. He looked as if he was sleeping peacefully but the lifeless expression of him made you realize that he was never going to breathe again. Yet he still looked like he could open his eyes at any moment and speak to you.

Everything happened so sudden without any warn. You couldn't help but to wish that the doctor was wrong.

Blood rushed from your head, visions became blurred and darkness began to cloud your eyes. Slowly falling like a ribbon.


Upon awakening, everything was very confusing. It took you a few seconds to realize that you were actually lying in a hospital bed. The room was dark, but you could still see Taehyung's back facing you. He was talking to someone and just by hearing his voice, you knew it was your dad.

"Taejoong.. he had a weak heart since he was little." Your dad weakly said and sniffed as you just listened more to their conversation.

Tears kept on coming out, making the pillow drenched with tears as pieces of memories with him began to play in your head one by one.

"By the way, Jungkook didn't pick up the phone. I tried to call him using Taehee's number but he didn't pick it up." Taehyung said and you could hear your dad, sighing.

"It's okay. I'll try to call him." He said and walked out of the room, leaving you alone with Taehyung.

He looked at your way to check your condition and noticed that you were already awake as he could hear you, crying miserably under the blanket.

-Jungkook's office-

The clock showed its time, 11 p.m.. Jungkook kept on getting calls from you but he purposely didn't pick it up.

*She's starting to miss me already?* he thought and had this small weird smile on his face.

But then, 'abeoji' popped out on his screen making him sat up straight in an instant.

"Hello, abeoji?"

"Jungkook-ah, where are you right now?" Your dad asked in a serious tone making Jungkook nervous.

"I'm still in my office. What's wrong?"

"Come here. Now."


"How come you are not by her side? You're her husband." Your dad lectured him, showing disappointment on him.

Jungkook kept apologizing while putting his head down, feeling so timid in front of him. That was the first time he got lectured that bad.

The door then swept open, revealing you and Taehyung. Your face bloated up and your eyes were as red as blood. You looked very awful but you didn't care anymore.

"Bring her home. She needs some rest." Your dad said to Jungkook as he nodded.

He made his way to you, putting his arm around your shoulder and led you to his car.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook asked softly beside you in the car.

*OF COURSE NOT!* you wanted to shriek but instead, you cried your heart out. That was enough to tell him that you were seriously not okay at all.

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