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-Jungkook's office-

"Here. Don't forget your wallet anymore." You handed him his wallet and was about to walk away but he suddenly grabbed your hand.

"I think you forgot something." Jungkook smirked and pointed on his lips innocently.

But then, you heard knocks on the door which made you quickly parted from him. The most beautiful moment in your life was about to happen, but the damn knocks messed everything up.

Jungkook sighed in frustration and told the person to come in. The door swept opened, revealing his ex-girlfriend, Areum.

The first person that she saw was you but well, that didn't shock her though.

"I came here for work matters." She walked towards Jungkook, ignoring you who was also there.

"I want to resign and move to states so here are the documents." She handed a bunch of files to him before walking out just like that as if nothing had ever happened between both of them.


The sun had completed its tour for the day, and had now been replaced by myriad stars. It was time to go home.

You were cleaning your desk when suddenly, you received a message from your husband, Jungkook.

'I have some works to do, you can go home first. See ya <3'

The small, cute heart at the end made your heart fluttered.

After you were done cleaning, your phone vibrated once again. Thinking that it was from Jungkook, you quickly checked it out. But sadly, no. It was from an unknown number. The message read,

'Your husband is cheating on you. Come to xx apartment block x-xx. The password is xxxx.'

"What the heck..?" You muttered under your breath.

You couldn't help but to get a heart attack at the mysterious message. Although you didn't really believe on the message sent by a stranger, you still went to that place out of curiosity.


"Is anybody here?" You asked with a really soft voice as you slowly walked into the apartment after entering the password.

You couldn't help but to wonder if the message was just a prank for you or what. You tried to think positively and continued to walk around the place. So far, you'd seen no one until you heard voices in the kitchen. Carefully, you tiptoed to the kitchen.

There, you saw a familiar looking guy backfacing you with Areum standing across him. No doubt, he was no other than your husband, Jeon Jungkook.

*What is he doing here...? With her..?*

They were whispering so you couldn't really hear them.

The next thing that you saw made your heart crushed into pieces. Jungkook slowly leaned in to her face and whatever happened the next thing, you didn't dare to look.

Feeling betrayed, you rushed out from the apartment, heading to your car. As soon as you got in, you burst into tears.

"Why I couldn't just go there and slap him on the face? Why am I so scared to do so? Why?" You cried.

A few minutes later, you heard knocks on your window and when you looked up, it was Jungkook. With tears still flooding your cheeks, you started the engine and drove off, leaving him flabbergasted.

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