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Yesterday was worst than ever. What had happened last night was something you didn't want to deal today. Even when the sun was already up, you felt like not doing anything and just stayed in the bed.

But not until you heard the door swung opened. Knowing that it was Jungkook, you quickly pretended to sleep.

He walked in and approached you, a bit disbelieve that you were still in the bed covered with a blanket.

"How long are you going to sleep? It's already 12 noon. Do you even hear me?" Jungkook nagged as he sat on a chair next to the bed.

You continued to pretend to sleep and didn't respond to him.

"Your dad wanted us to take pictures at the beach. So hurry up and wake up." He said but still didn't receive any response.

"Are you still mad because I made fun of you last night in front of that friend of yours?"

Though Jungook got no reply from you, he kept on talking. Because he knew, that you were just faking your sleep.

"I know that you're wide awake right now."

You gulped.

"I told that Kim Taehyun the truth. I told him that I was joking last night. If you don't believe me, let's meet him before going to the beach. I'll wait for you down there."

Right after that, he got off from the bed and made his way to the door. The sound of the door being closed told you that he was no longer in the room.

"Meeting up with Taehyung, taking pictures with Jungkook, I gotta wear something nice." You mumbled by yourself as you stretched like a cat and then turned your body to the other side only to see Jungkook's face right in front of your eyes.

At that moment, your mind wasn't cooperating well. You really thought that he already left but seeing his face there shocked you that your body reacted by itself and you ended up falling off the bed with a very loud thud.


"Now both of your hands got hurt. Can't you be more careful?" Jungkook rolled his eyes seeing both your hands wrapped in bandages.

Worst honeymoon ever.

After bringing you to the hospital for the second time, Jungkook brought you to a restaurant. In front of you, Taehyung was sitting there looking obviously awkward.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was feeling irritated witnessing two humans in front of him acting so shy.

"Stay here, imma come back." He whispered to you before leaving the table in a hurry.

Taehyung seemed a bit relieved that Jungkook finally left as his existence there was blocking the words that he wished to utter. Having your husband around made him even more nervous.

"Your husband told me everything about last night and he even apologized for what he did. So, you don't have to worry much."

You just nodded, clueless on what else to say. Silence filled the air while your brain was trying its best to search for a good topic to talk about. The awkward silence made you even more anxious.

"Taehee-ssi," he spoke up out of the blue making you flinched a little.


He chuckled, "Why are you so cut- I mean, uhm, I need to go now. Hope to see you again."

He stood up then left the place with celerity. Taehyung could feel his cheeks burning red as he almost say something very embarrassing.

He walked farther from that place but immediately stopped when he caught Jungkook with an unknown woman by his side.

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