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Hours ticked by and Jungkook haven't come back yet. A slight worry coursed through you. Where did he go that was taking him so long? You tried to think positive. Perhaps, he was in the toilet. But, for 3 hours straight?

You waited patiently for his return. No matter how many times you changed your position, your back hurt more, and more in the uncomfortable chair. It was starting to get worst.

Soon, you gave up waiting for him and decided to leave the place. Anger was burning inside you as you walked into the empty elevator. One hand of yours was massaging your back while another one hand reached for the button to your level.

The door slowly closed and you could sense the elevator going down. But then within seconds, everything suddenly went dark.

The elevator, it had stopped functioning.

You stood for a moment of stunned silence. Still couldn't believe that the scenes that usually appeared in the horror movies were happening to you. Scary images popped up in your mind all at once.

Panic and terrified, you quickly took your phone out and turned on its flashlight. With the help of the light, you pressed all of the buttons there but nothing actually happened. Even the emergency alarm was useless.

You gave Jungkook a call but he purposely declined it. Not only that, since the flashlight consumed a lot of power, your phone turned itself off the moment you were about to call for help.

"What a luck." You groaned. The fact that both of your hands, back, and heart hurt made you even more stressed.

"Help! Somebody please help! I'm stuck in this elevator!" You yelled with all your heart out, hoping for someone to hear you.

Sweat trickled down your face, free flowing like condensation on a window pane along with the tears coming out from your eyes. After about 20 minutes of screaming and crying, a human finally heard your voice. He was one of the staffs.

He asked you to calm down and then rushed to call for help. The maintenance team arrived for rescue 40 minutes later. They managed to get the elevator to rise to its original position and helped you get out from it.

The female staffs were there, comforting you and wiping your sweat. After that, they brought you to your room and prepared drinks to cool you down.

Little did you know, Jungkook saw everything the moment you were brought down to your room. He followed from behind to see what actually happened and quickly hid himself when the female staffs exited your room.

"She waited for her husband for 3 hours in the restaurant and got trapped in the elevator for an hour. Something is wrong with her husband." One of them said which made Jungkook nervous.

"I hate her but I need to see if she's okay." He mumbled then walked into your room without hesitation.

Jungkook found you in the bed looking very pale and exhausted. He felt bad for leaving you for so long in the restaurant. However, he was quite disagreed that people are blaming him for what had happened to you.

"Did you tell them that it's all my fault that you were trapped in there?" He asked out of the blue, as if he was ready to pick fight on you.

The question slipped out through his lips, not the one that he actually wanted to ask.

"I didn't say that. I only told them the truth." You replied, but with a very weak voice.

"Isn't that the same thing? I'm so done with you."

Jungkook was out of control. His mind wasn't cooperating well. He kept on saying things that he didn't really mean to. He could see that you seemed very disappointed on him. Before he say anything bad again, he immediately left the room.

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