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-Your Room-

"You can go back to your room.. you must be really tired." You said, stopping him in front of your door.

Jungkook locked his eyes with yours. His eyes were telling you not to disappear anymore.

"I'll stay for awhile, until you fall asleep." He said which fluttered your heart hearing him said that.

"Okay then.." you mumbled and let him entered the room. He immediately sat on your bed to check on his feets.

Like what he'd expected, it was swollen really bad. He massaged them by himself but still, it hurt.

"Does it hurt?" you asked worriedly. They looked very bad.

"Uhh.. well not really." Jungkook said.

You then went into the bathroom and filled a small plastic basin with warm water and brought a towel with you.

You slowly put the basin on the floor and asked him to soak his feets in. He didn't refuse and just followed your order. Somehow, he felt a bit better as you started to massage his feets gently. It might not recover him fully but at least, he felt comfortable and way better.

You continued to massage him for minutes while he kept on staring at you.

"I'm fine now. You can stop." He said softly.

"I'm sorry. This is all I can do for you." You sighed and wiped his feets with thd towel, taking care of him like a baby.

"Thanks..." he muttered.

You brought the basin back into the bathroom and washed your hands. It was tiring, but not as much as how Jungkook felt when he was searching for you everywhere.


You were lying in the bed with your back facing him while he was comfortably sitting by your side.

His phone suddenly vibrated and when he looked at it to check, Areum's name popped out on his screen. But then didn't know why, he felt like not picking up and rejected her call.

*She'll probably be mad at me for rejecting her call.* Jungkook sighed.

After about half an hour, he confirmed that you were already asleep so he got off from the bed, ready to go back to his room. But then, his phone vibrated once again showing a call from Areum.

He peeked at you first before answering the call in a low voice.

"Hello? Jagi?"

"Yahh! Why didn't you answer my call?! I'm worried okay?" She whined through the phone that made him smiled a little.

"Mian~ I miss you by the way.." he said shyly while heading to the door.

Meanwhile, you were actually wide awake and those sweet phone conversation between him and his girlfriend, you heard them all.

*Guess I really should stop hoping...*

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