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No matter how big the mall was, Jungkook didn't give up to find you. He entered every stores and he could feel that his feets were getting swollen for walking too long already.

In a middle of searching, he received a call from your dad. He felt hesitated to answer and for the first time, he didn't pick up the call.

*I'm sorry abeoji..* he turned his phone into a silent mode with a heavy heart and continued his journey to find you....until late evening.

It was getting darker and he still couldn't find your shadow. He'd walked around the mall and couldn't find you yet. He looked at the phone screen and got 4 miss calls from your dad. He felt guilty but had no other choice.

Jungkook thought that maybe you'd gone back to the resort and immediately called the staffs but they said you had not come back yet, making him worried even more.


The black sky had replaced the once salmon and purple sky. It was time for the mall to close its door.

"It's already 9 p.m.?!" He widened his eyes and wondered how long he'd been out just to search for you. He walked along the quiet path and punched the wall in frustration.

"Sh##! Sh##! Sh##!" He cursed under his breath as the sweat rolled down his cheek.

He couldn't imagine if something bad happened to you all because of his fault. He regretted for being so harsh to you and promised not be that harsh anymore if he was given a second chance.

God had listened to his pray, and gifted him the second chance he wanted.

Jungkook put his head up as he suddenly heard footsteps coming towards him.

"Jungkook..? Is that you?" You sobbed.

"Taehee.." he widened his eyes and ran to you. He cupped both of your cheeks and examined you from head to toe to make sure you didn't hurt anywhere.

"I forgot to bring my credit card.. I only have some money and.. I've spent everything for these.." you sobbed while showing him your shopping bags.

"I think I'm lost and.. and-"

Before you could even speak more, Jungkook suddenly pulled you into a warm and tight hug leaving you dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered and tightened the hug as if he didn't want to let go. The feel of your body so close to his soothed him more than he had expected.

His embrace was warm, and his big, strong arms seemed very protective when wrapped around your frail body. You felt safe and comfortable like in a perfect dream. you had no worries no fears, just a calm feeling.

Your trembling arms automatically wrapped his back, appreciating the moments, both didn't want to let go.

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