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Early in the morning, Jungkook stopped by at your room to bring you out for breakfast. But still, you couldn't deny these 2 feelings when you saw his face. Happy yet sad.

Happy that he was treating you better than before. Sad because he loved another woman. Moreover, a prettier one.


Both of you were having breakfast together in peace and silent until Jungkook suddenly started a conversation when he realized that you kept on glancing at him.

"What? You have something to say?"

"Somehow, you remind me of Tom Holland." You said and made Jungkook choked.

The corner of his lips tugged upward, forming a small smile which showed that he was very happy by your answer but in the same time didn't want to seem so obvious that he did.

He blushed, looked so shy like a rabbit and that was the first time you see that side of him.

"What do you think of Tom Holland?" Jungkook questioned, out of the blue. He was suddenly interested to talk more.

"He's cute." You replied short and had this vision of him cutely smiling in your head.

"Is that all?" He frowned, unsatisfied with your asnwer this time. He was expecting to hear more.

You just nodded to stop him from asking more and continued to enjoy your breakfast. But Jungkook just couldn't keep quiet.

"Do you want to go somewhere after this?" He awkwardly asked.

You gave him a confused look while munching and thought for awhile.

"Sure but.. where are we going?"

"Seonimgyo Bridge."

-Seonimgyo Bridge-

"Woahh it's so pretty~" you mumbled to yourself, following Jungkook from behind.

Seonimgyo Bridge is an arch bridge on Jeju Island over Cheonjeyeon Waterfall that has seven nymphs carved on both sides. It crosses from east to west over the stream between the second and third tiers of Cheonjeyeon.

Everything was going well until it got a little windy and your hat fell off from your head.

"My hat!" You chased after it and was about to grab it from falling down the bridge but Jungkook quickly held you back.

"What're you thinking?! It's dangerous!" He yelled, furrowing his eyebrows.

"But my hat..." you pouted while looking at it sadly flying down the bridge. That was an expensive, branded hat.

"Forget about your hat. Let's go." He held his hand out and reached for yours. Without realizing, he squeezed your hand that made you feel warm as the heat was pressed against your palm.

*Please.. stop giving me mixed feelings Jeon Jungkook.*

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