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"If you really love me. Divorce her. If you're too scared with her dad, then why don't you just ask her to divorce you?"

Jungkook couldn't help but to sigh remembering what she said. Maybe it was a good idea, but surely it wasn't easy for him to ask that directly.

He waited for you to come home until late night and finally, you arrived feeling so tired after spending the whole day with Taejoong and also, your parents.

Jungkook was sitting on the edge of your bed when you walked into the room. He could feel the tense to begin the conversation.

"Taehee.. I've something to discuss with you."

"What is it? Just tell me."

"You know... I don't think it's going to work out."

A long silence filled the gap between you two. Jungkook felt heavy to ask, but he knew nothing would change if he don't open his mouth to talk.

"I've discussed this with Areum..." He took a deep breath, eyes on the floor, "Let's get divorc—"

"Stop." You held your hand up, already trembling from holding the tears, "I know what you want to say. I— I—"

You bit your lower lip, couldn't get yourself to utter a word.

"But can we make it like.. you're the one who wants to divorce me?" Jungkook added making your heart broken into pieces.

What a cruel favour he asked.

Without even answering his question, you weakly walked out of the room and went straight to the kitchen to cry only to bump to Taejoong by coincidence.

"What's wrong with you?" He asked as soon as he saw your red puffy eyes.

"Joong-ie...." you sniffed.


"Why do we sometimes hold on so tightly to something that isn't working for us? To someone that isn't treating us the way we deserve to be treated? Isn't loving us the way we were meant to be loved?" You asked, voice shaking.

"What did that earring guy do to you? Tell me, I'm gonna teach him a lesson." Taejoong said, annoyed. He knew something was wrong since he met Jungkook for the first time.

"Oppa.. what should I do now?" You cried louder.

"How should I know if you don't tell me what happened." He rolled his eyes.

Tears kept on rolling down your cheeks, making you hard to let your words out. Things Jungkook had done to you, whether they were good or bad, everything still hurt. Leaving a hole in your heart.

And so, the cold night passed in pain.


The next morning, when you were about to take off to work with Jungkook, Taejoong suddenly came over and whispered to him,

"You better don't hurt my sister." He shoot him a death glare and slowly backed off.

Jungkook couldn't help but to wonder what he'd done that made him said that.

"Annyeong.." you waved at him sadly as he waved back.

*Maybe I should cook something for her to brighten her up.* Taejoong thought before walking into the house.

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