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-Men's Washroom-

*Aish.. I shouldn't have eaten that early in the morning.* Jungkook frowned after flushing. 

He was about to go out when suddenly, he heard someone mentioned his name.

"I can't believe that Jeon Jungkook cheated on Taehee." The first guy said, making his heart thumped. He'd never heard someone talking behind his back before. Anyway, the news spread really fast.

"I know right. If I was her husband, I would never do that." The second guy said as they laughed together.

"If they divorce for real, imma propose to her right away." The other one said and made Jungkook burnt with anger inside.

*What the hell is he thinking?!* he furrowed his eyebrows and made a disgusted face.

After that, they started to talk bad things about him while Jungkook just quietly listened to them. Of course he felt awful and unpleasant. However, everything that they said about him was true though. But then, he couldn't stay in there anymore doing nothing when he heard them talking about the thing that shocked him.

"I heard that she's leaving this company because of her husband." One of them stated.

At that moment, Jungkook slowly stepped out and walked to the sink to wash his hands. Both of the staffs who were badmouthing him just now gasped as soon as they saw Jungkook standing right beside them. He looked obviously pissed off.

"Where did you hear that she's leaving?" Jungkook questioned, glaring at them through the mirror.

"E-everyone is talking about it." One of them answered, stuttered a bit.

"Yeah, they said that Song Taehee will stop working here starting from tomorrow." Another one added.


Jungkook rushed over to your office only to find no one there. He also went to the cafe just in case you were there but unfortunately, he couldn't find you anywhere. At last, he decided to ask your dad about you by his own.

He knocked on the door two times before stepping in. There he was, sitting in his black leather chair with glasses on while reading something on the papers.

"Abeoji.. is it true that Taehee is leaving this company?" He softly asked and in the same time hoped that it was only a false rumour.

"Well, yeah. Did she tell you already?" He replied, crushing his hope into pieces.

"No." Jungkook mumbled while his eyes fell to his shoes.

He stood there in silence, getting teary all of a sudden.

"Abeoji.." he called him again, but this time sounded more desperate.

"I want her back.. I don't want to divorce." Jungkook confessed weakly, tears welling up his eyes.

Mr. Song slowly took his eyes off the papers and looked up to him. He was a bit surprised seeing those pity eyes watered. He knew, that Jungkook must have really regretted on what he'd done.

"It's too hard for me, living without her by my side." He added, tears started to roll down his right cheek.

Mr. Song couldn't help but to pity him in the same time.

"You should ask her by yourself." He muttered, followed by a sigh.

Jungkook slightly nodded his head before making his way out of the office. Outside, he immediately leaned his back to the wall, trying to suck up his tears before anyone saw him like that.

After a few minutes, Jungkook began to feel way better and breathe normally again. He suddenly remembered something and took out his phone, dialing his ex-girlfriend's number.

In 3 seconds, she picked up.

"Do you need anything from me?" She said through the phone in an annoying tone of voice.

"You're the one who sent those selcas we took together right."

"Well.. who else."

"You said that you were not going to say anything to her dad."

"I sent the pictures, but I didn't say anything to him."


"Goodbye, Jeon Jungkook. Be happy." She said in a deceitful way before hanging up.

He grinded his teeth in frustration, knowing that she was the one who exposed the secret.

But still, no matter how frustrated he was, he couldn't erase everything that already happened. Moreover, he was the one who created the secret right from the beginning. So, blaming Areum would be actually unfair.

With a sigh, he then decided to give his hyung a call to ask some help.

"Hyung..she's leaving by tomorrow. I think today will be my last chance to fix everything."

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