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Even until the working hours ended, you still had not utter a thing about the divorce matter with your dad as he was busy for the whole day.

Since Jungkook had to do his work a little bit more, you decided to go home by yourself. Well, maybe it was your chance to forget your feelings for him slowly.

When you walked outside of the building, your eyes suddenly fell to someone familiar. It was Taehyung, leaning his back on his car while talking with that woman, Lee Areum.

They even laughed together, making you wondered about their relationship.

*Since when he became so close to her?* you continued to look at them, almost looked like a stalker. Somehow, part of you was secretly hoping that she was cheating on Jungkook.

You noticed that the way Taehyung looked at her seemed different. He wasn't like usual and more like a playboy at that time.

Just then, Taehyung noticed you from afar and said something to Areum as they bade farewell. Taehyung gestured you to come over with a grin on his face, suddenly backed into an innocent boy again. You felt slightly uneasy but still walked towards him.

"I never know that you're close to her." You said while looking at him in disbelief.

"Well we're dating." He stated, making your jaws dropped while giving him a can-you-repeat-that-again look.

"Just kidding. Where did you park your car?" He smiled feeling satisfied that he managed to surprise you. But still, that wasn't even funny to you.

"I came with Jungkook so I left it at home."

"So are you going home with him?" He asked, hoping that you would say no.

"He still have some works to do. So, I'm thinking to just ride the bus." You answered as he softly nodded.

"Let me send you home then." Without thinking twice, Taehyung opened the door for you, acting like a gentleman.

In the same time, your husband, Jeon Jungkook was watching you from his office balcony.

*She's leaving?! Seriously. Just see. I'm not going home tonight.* he thought and was determined not to go home that night.


"Thank you for the ride. Oh, can you wait for a while? I've something to give you." You said before running into the house.

"Something to give me? Well, I think your time will be enough for me." He mumbled by himself and started to blush hard as he began to imagine things.

You walked into the kitchen to grab some snacks that you kept in the fridge when suddenly you saw a well-prepared dinner on the table. It was obviously Taejoong who cooked them.

A smile was formed on your lips looking at how delicious they looked and your mouth watered as you couldn't wait to taste them. You were about to step out from the kitchen but then you accidentally kicked something which made you almost stumbled forwards.

You looked down to check only to see Taejoong lying down on the floor. Maybe sleeping. But hey, on the cold floor?

"Joong-ie, why are you sleeping on the floor." You shook his body to wake him up but he didn't respond.

"Joong-ie? Oppa?" You tried again and even shook him harder this time but still got no response.

Your sweat had began to come out rolling down your cheek as a sign of nervousness. Fear began to overcome you and just in case, you quickly checked his breath and pulse only to realize that he wasn't breathing.

Your body shaken, heartbeats quicken. You could hear your own sorrowful scream echoed in the whole house, calling his name over and over again.

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