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Jungkook was in his office, getting ready to go home. He heard knocks on his door as it swung opened, revealing his beautiful girlfriend, Lee Areum.

"Jagi," she approached him.

A soft smile was formed on his lips. However, it disappointed her a bit at the sight of his wedding ring that he wore.

Since he got married with you, both of them tried their best to hide their relationship from the other staffs. It made Areum upset but Jungkook always managed to cheer her up.

"Let's go home together.." she pleaded, using her flirty voice that made Jungkook melted inside.

"Sure. As long as no one sees us." He grabbed his stuffs and made his way to the door when suddenly, his phone rang.

'Abeoji' was displayed on his phone screen. They looked at each other and without hesitant, Jungkook quickly picked it up.

"Ne, abeoji."

"Jungkook-ah, I have something important to discuss with you. I'll wait for you in the parking lot."

"Oh.. okay, I'm coming now." He said then hung up.

He then turned to look at Areum back, who was obviously unhappy listening to his conversation with your dad.

"I'm sorry I-"

"I know, I know. Just go. I'll go home by myself." She tried to mask her sadness with a fake smile but failed. The fake smile just couldn't show up.

Jungkook sighed looking at her face. But he couldn't do anything for her though he wanted to.

"I'm really sorry. Saranghae." He shyly whispered before leaving.

After that, he went straight to the parking lot to meet his father-in-law. He went to his private parking and saw him, sitting inside of the black car with a phone in his hand.

He gently knocked on the window as they greeted each other with warm smiles.

Your dad immediately unlocked the door and asked him to sit beside him as there was something he wanted to show.

"What do you think of Jeju Island? It's beautiful right?" He showed him a site for Jeju Island vacation to Jungkook which left him in a total confusion.

"Yeah it's beautiful. Why?" He asked.

"Well of course it's for your honeymoon!" He laughed while Jungkook's face turned blank in an instant.

He never thought of that actually.

"Don't worry. I'll prepare everything that you and Taehee need." He kindly smiled but Jungkook had this down expression on his face. He couldn't imagine how Areum would react if she knew about it.

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you're not happy about this." Your dad said in a pity tone which made Jungkook changed immediately.

"No, no. I'm really happy! Thank you, abeoji." He replied and left a wide smile on your dad's face. It made Jungkook relieved looking at how happy your father was.


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