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"Delicious right~" you bragged while raising an eyebrow to Taejoong who was gobbling down his breakfast that you prepared.

He paused and looked at you as if he was glaring.

"I don't want to admit this but your cooking skill has improved." He rolled his eyes and kept on munching but slower this time.

At that moment, Jungkook came out with a towel hanging around his neck, heading into the kitchen.

"Just say that you're jealous because I cook better than you." You sticked out your tongue at your brother.

"You must have learned the recipes on YouTube. You will never ever beat me." He pointed you with his chopsticks while raising his eyebrows in an evil way.

You cleared your throat, everything that he said was indeed true.

"Shut up! If you talk more I'm going to eat everything!" You fought back.

"Cow." He said with a disgust face which made your face turned red in anger.

Both of you started to bicker with each other while Jungkook on the other hand just quietly drank his banana milk listening to your whole conversation.

Deep inside, he felt a bit neglected though Taejoong just arrived last night. To be honest, he didn't really like it the fact that your brother could annoy you more than him.

"Jungkook, I'm going out with Joong-ie." You said as you put the dishes in the sink, startling Jungkook whose mind already miles away.

"Who's Joong-ie?" He frowned while giving you a questioning look.

"Emm.. my brother." You answered and was about to walk out of the kitchen but then Jungkook stopped you by asking you another question.

"What about my breakfast?"

You stopped and turned your head to him with a blank face on.

"You never eat breakfast with me every Sunday so I didn't leave any for you..." you mumbled feeling sorry.

"Forget it." he sighed.

Soon, Jungkook heard the main door being closed. The whole house suddenly turned so quiet making him a lil bit lonely.

*Joong-ie huh? Why don't just call him oppa like a normal sister?* he rolled his eyes before calling Areum to eat at the outside with him. He almost forgot her existence in this world.


Jungkook kept on stabbing his meat with a visible frown on his face, making Areum who was sitting across him felt a bit scared.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked while staring at his weird behavior.

"Nothing." He responded shortly and continued on munching his food. He was still feeling upset about the recent events.

"Jagiya.." she suddenly spoke, earning a glare from him. He wasn't mad at her but you.

He blinked his eyes a few times before asking "what?".

"How long are we going to hide our relationship?" She pouted cutely.

"I..dont kn-"

"Don't you pity me?" She whined while looking at him with puppy eyes.

Jungkook couldn't answer and just kept quiet. How long? How could he know that? He didn't plan anything right from the start. All that he did was following your dad's order. That's all. He never intended to start or even end the marriage.

"Do you even love me?" Areum raised her voice which made some people around fixed their eyes on them immediately.

"Of course I do! It's just... I..."

"So, divorce her." She said.

He opened his mouth slightly as if he was about to say something but then closed it back. The conversation suddenly became serious.

"If you really love me. Divorce her. If you're too scared with her dad, then why don't you just ask her to divorce you?"

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