Bonus: First Meeting

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"Your daughter will be working here, starting tomorrow?" Jungkook blinked his eyes a couple of times at the sudden news told by your dad.

"I guess you'd never met her before, right?" he closed the black file, put the pen back to its place before standing up.

Jungkook shook his head as an answer. His face showed no sign of interest.

"Anyway, she said she would come and take a look around this company with her friend today." said the old man before stepping out from the office, leaving him alone there.

Jungkook didn't put much thoughts on the news and decided to return to his office. However, as he headed there, he noticed that almost all of the staffs around him were talking about a newbie of the company who he assumed was the same person your dad had mentioned.

"Did you see Mr. Song's daughter just now? She is so pretty." one of the staffs said as they walked past him.

Hearing those suddenly raised his curiosity and made him feel somewhat excited, *Is she that pretty?*

He quickly stopped in front a full-length mirror and scanned himself from head to toe.

*Oh wait, my hair doesn't seem right.* he rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair to make him look better.

Meanwhile, not too far from where he stood, you were there with Jimin. Both were a bit lost as it was your first time stepping into the building.

"You better take that mask off, Park Jimin. You're grabbing everyone's attention." you whispered after realizing all the eyes were on you two.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I have a flu? Plus, I guess they are looking at you though. Not me." he shrugged and insisted not to take the mask off.

"Sorry, I keep on forgetting. But those stares are frea—" you suddenly halted when you spotted a handsome young man, checking his own reflection in the mirror.

You gaped openly as you observed his sharp jaw, chin and slightly hooked nose from afar. He looked ridiculously perfect and he had this playboy aura which somehow attracted you to him.

Just by the sight of him made you weak in the knees.

"Is this what they called love at first sight?" you mumbled but loud enough for Jimin to hear you.

He followed your gaze and frowned seeing the person you were staring at.

"Love at first sight my butt. You don't even know what it actually means." he rolled his eyes, realizing how much time you'd fell for men with pretty faces and called it love at first sight.

At that moment, Jimin secretly wondered, if you probably did have feelings for him and felt the same way he did. But then, he quickly shook his head to dismiss the thoughts.

He was a bit shocked when he suddenly saw you approaching the man who seemed ridiculously interested with his own reflection in the mirror.

Jungkook was still busy fixing his hair until he saw you coming to him through the mirror. He turned around and raised his brows at you.

"M-m-may I know how can we get to the cafe?" you faltered and tugged your mouth into an awkward smile.

"Is the cafe even more important than your office? We should find your office first." Jimin interrupted.

*Seriously, I'm busy right now. What if that pretty newbie goes home before I could meet her?* Jungkook thought.

But he couldn't just ignore you. He cleared his throat and replied to your question as fast as he could, "From here, go straight, turn right, walk into the elevator, press the first floor button, wait, then walk out, turn right, turn right again, then you should see a cafe sign there."

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