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Since that night, Jungkook never talked to you anymore. Even in the morning, he didn't eat your breakfast and just headed straight to work.

One Sunday morning, Jimin invited you to his apartment so that you wouldn't be alone. He told you that his cousins were there with him to cheer you up.

-His Apartment-

"I'm tired Park Jimin.. Why am I living like this." You sighed while kept on drinking the cold orange juice.

His cousins were there too, asleep.

Jimin sighed along with you while pouring the juice more into your glass.

"You should've never liked him right from the start." Jimin rolled his eyes while you just weakly smiled at him.

"I'll just hold on a little bit longer.. maybe he will open his heart for me one day, right?"

Instead of an answer Jimin only gave you a you-must-be-kidding-me look. He knew that whatever he say to you, you would never ever listen.

After another glass, you suddenly felt like going to the washroom so without hesitant you quickly excused yourself. That's what happened whenever you drank too much.

You spun the doorknob to open it but it was locked. Meant, someone was in there. To make sure, you then knocked on the door.

"Is anybody in there?" You asked.

"No one is here. This is poop talking." A voice replied your question from the inside making you gasped in shock. It was clearly a guy's voice.

And for sure, he was not Jimin's cousin because he was sleeping next to Jimin and he was too young to have that deep voice.

"Go away Park Jimin! As if I would come out now." The voice surprised you once again as you slowly headed back to Jimin with a blank face on.

"You're so damn fast!" Jimin said in disbelief as soon as he saw you who just left seconds ago.

"Someone is in there."

"Oh.. That must be my friend." He mumbled and made his way to the washroom, followed by you from behind.

"Yah! You better come out now! My friend wants to use it!" He yelled while hitting the door.

"I can wait.." you chuckled but inside, you were screaming.

Fortunately, a few seconds later you heard the flushing sounds as the door slowly opened. A tall guy ran towards Jimin, whining.

"Jimin-ah... I dropped my phone into the sink and now it's broken!" He whined while shaking Jimin with both his hands.

"Did you wash your hands, Taehyung-ah?" He asked in disgust.

"Taehyung? Kim Taehyung?"

He turned his head towards the voice, only to realize there was a visitor. But that visitor was a special one.

"Taehee..?" Taehyung widened his eyes as the two of you stared at each other, both froze making Jimin in the middle suddenly felt awkward.

He was still worried about his hands.

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