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"I don't wanna go home.." you mumbled, sniffing. The pain just won't leave and your nose had started to get stuffy, throat, eyes and chest hurt, etc.

You didn't dare to even look at the house. It ached you remembering his lifeless body lying on the floor and the fact that Taejoong breathed his last breath in your house.

"So, where do you want to go?" Jungkook questioned.

You couldn't really think properly at that time and decided to stay in the nearest hotel when you suddenly saw one.

Jungkook stopped by the hotel without any objection and rent a room for both of you. He picked a room which have 2 beds in it. The room was quite nice though the space was a bit small.

"Jungkook.." you weakly called his name as he turned his head to you immediately.

"Wae?" He softly asked and in the same time readied himself to do whatever you say. Because that was what your dad told him to.

"Can you pack the dinner that... Taejoong prepared on the table?" You asked, voice cracked a bit when you uttered his name.

Jungkook nodded his head, grabbed the keys and walked out from the room. He did everything that you say, making your heart softened a bit from the grief. But still, that wasn't enough to fill in the hole in your broken heart.

About half an hour later, Jungkook returned to the room with 2 bags in his hands and 1 on his shoulder. He put one bag on the table and handed you another one.

"I brought some of your clothes." He said before placing the last bag on his bed.

"Thanks.." you mumbled. Sometimes he could be thoughtful and reliable too.

"About the foods... some were already damaged so I've thrown them away." He said while rubbing the back of his neck, not sure if you liked the idea or not.

You only stayed silent for a while and went to check on the foods he brought in. The only ones left were kimchi, kimbap and korean pancakes.

You sat on the chair and grabbed the chopsticks, putting one of the sliced kimbap into your mouth, savoring the food. The taste never disappoint you but it felt somehow bitter once you swallowed it.

"Jungkook," you turned to him as he put his head up from his phone screen.

"Here." You offered him a slice of kimbap. At first he was about to refuse and let you eat them all but when he saw your hand shaking he quickly made his way to you.

He grabbed your trembling hand that was holding the chopsticks and ate the kimbap. Though he didn't say anything, he admitted that your brother was indeed very good in cooking..... just like you.

"Eat more..." you mumbled and offered him the kimchi. You felt happy that he accepted your offer.

"You are the one who should eat more." Jungkook grabbed another chopsticks and this time, he became the next one to feed you.

Since there was only one chair, he seated himself on the edge of his bed, staring at your face while slowly munching the food that you continuously offered him. He could feel the warmth as he observed every movement that you made. Whether you were munching, batting your eyelashes, everything. They were beautiful.

After you'd finished the meal, you went to sit on your bed. You looked at your phone to check on the time only to realize it was already 2 a.m.. On top of the bar, you noticed there was an unread message. Unexpectedly, it was from Taejoong, before he died.

"I cook something for ya. Hurry up, I'm waiting for you."

You broke into tears immediately at the fact that before he breathed his last, he was waiting for you to come home.

"I want to see him so bad... I can't accept this..." your voice rose into sobs.

Dealing with a loss, especially the loved one is never easy. Never.

Jungkook was only observing you from his bed but when your sobs got a little louder, he couldn't take it anymore and instantly moved to your side. He gently pulled you closer to him and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. He didn't know why, but his eyes did water a little.

*Why is it so painful to see you like this?* he thought and let you burst out in his arms until you ran out of tears, slowly dropping off to sleep.

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