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3 days later...

~Jungkook's office~

Jungkook was doing his works like always when suddenly Areum walked in with a cup of hot coffee in her hand.

"Are you busy?" She asked before putting it on his table.

He didn't even put his head up and just continued his own business.

"As you can see.." he replied, still doing his works.

"Where's Taehee?"

"She takes a week off." He simply answered while she rolled her eyes secretly.

"Just because she's the CEO'S daughter doesn't mean she can take days off whenever she wants." She said, annoyed.

"Don't say that. She just lost her brother."

She remained quiet for a few seconds, feeling a little bit sorry.

"Why did he die?"

"Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, it's the most common cause of heart-related sudden death. That's what the doctor said." He explained.

She turned blank for seconds hearing the complicated disease name but then shrugged it off. It was none of her business though.

"Anyway, isn't it good that she's not around? We—"

"I'm really busy. Why don't you do your work?" He asked as polite as possible.

"Fine.." she pouted before stepping out from his office.

This might sound creepy, but Jungkook felt like someone or something was giving him a death glare whenever Areum sticked by his side though when there was no one around.


Since you still didn't have the courage to step into your house, you two decided to stay in the hotel for a few more days. You reassured Jungkook that you would be fine by yourself but still, he refused to go.

Jungkook arrived at the late evening, but earlier than usual.

"I've found a new place to move in." You said to him while lying on the bed with a laptop in front of you.

He was loosening his tie at that moment.

"Are you serious? You really want to move out?" He raised his eyebrow while looking at you whose eyes were glued on the laptop screen.

"You don't have to move out with me. I can take care of myself." You replied, answering the same question with the same answer over and over again.

"Don't you feel that it's such a waste to do so?" He questioned before sitting across you on his bed.

The house was big and beautiful. The gorgeous modern design of it always made him calm especially at night time. Everything was perfect, except that tragic incident that happened in that house which left you traumatized.

"Jeon Jungkook, you don't understand my feelings.." you sighed.

"How can I not understand when I've lost both my parents." He stated which made you turned speechless in an instant.

"I'll move out with you."

"HUh?" You turned to look at him in disbelief.

"But still, we need to pack our stuffs. We can't just leave everything in that house."

"But I don't wanna go back to that house."

"Just one day. We are going to finish everything in one day before moving out the next morning."

After that, silence filled the room. No one seemed to know what to say more until Jungkook suddenly thought one.

"Um, by the way, it's time for dinner."

"Oh yeah. I'm going out to have dinner with my friends tonight. I almost forgot." You facepalmed, got off from the bed and searched for nice clothes to wear.

"So, you're not eating with me?" His eyes dropped.

"Yeah. It's good right? You can be with Areum instead." You said before walking into the bathroom.

"Looks like I'm going to eat jajjangmyeon tonight.." he purposely said it loud near the bathroom door but received no response from you.

"...or maybe ramyeon."

Still, he didn't get any response from you. He definitely got ignored.

"Tsk.. I'm eating out by myself. I don't care anymore." Jungkook grabbed everything that he needed before walking out from the room.

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