(Bonus Chapter) #1

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[Chloe's POV]

As the months passed, me and Sehun are having a very good relationship as we knew each other more every day and our love for each other grew stronger. We had amazing time together.

About Jamie and Jin, those two are really something, they—ummm how do I say this? -.-#

...They get together sometimes--- well rarely and they fought about silly things as always. I really don't understand them actually but if you could just see how they look each other—well not when they fight of course, those two glares just so badly with each other! I'm talking about when they are together without fighting; you could really tell that they love each other. They are just afraid to confess to each other ESPESICALLY Jin... BE A BOY! Tss.

I am seriously gonna be old sooner especially because I'm the one who stops them both when they fight too much and when I begged for Sehun to help me with this two weird kids, he refuses and says:

" Haha! No, let them be. This two is better than watching cable."

I know...It pisses me off. He finds it very interesting and he even teaches Jamie what to say next to Jin. How great -_-

Right now I'm petting my puppy vanilla. I really find it hard teaching him to sit, lay down, beg, roll over and many other tricks I found very interesting by searching at YouTube the problem is, he's too playful and how come they dogs in the videos are really good. TT__TT I'm a horrible trainer. Unlike Sehun--- I don't want to start about that. xD

"Stay." I ordered him but he jumps into my lap, how cute! But still, he dosen't listen to me. -__-

I brought him down. "Now, Sit." I said then he slightly tilted his head meaning he's confused. "Chloe! Check out the cookies I made!" I heard Mom from the kitchen. "Right away~" I said and got my attention back to Vanilla, "Stay here ok, I'm gonna be right back." I caressed his fluffy hair and stood up. Just then, I saw him running in circles and...he pee on the side of the sofa. I'm so dead.

Without hesitation, I hurried back t the sofa and started cleaning but I got shocked by the time I saw Mom standing behind me with her delicious cookies. "What's that smell?" she asked. "What smell? I don't smell anything except for your yummy cookies!!!" I squealed and grabbed one of them. "Hmmm~" I chewed it fast and dragged her away from the sofa. "Chloe?" she looked at me with one eyebrow up, she knows it for sure.

"Ok fine. Vanilla pee on the sofa...BUT only on the side, hehe." I confusingly said. "You should ask help from Sehun. He's really good with dogs" she patted my head and went walking away. Telling me to claen the mess up.


After cleaning the sofa me and vanilla went outside to play with Sehun's puppy. "Hellooo~" I hugged him and he kissed my cheek.

"How's Vanilla?" he asked and I pouted. "Good."

"How about you?" he chuckled. He must know that I'm very tired about training Vanilla. "Not so good." I sat down at the bench and watch the two puppies play with each other. "Aww, let me comfort you" he teasingly said and sat down too. He hugged me so tight in the way I can't breathe anymore. "S-se..." I tried my best to speak and he lessens his hug a bit so I can breathe. Thank you.

"Vanilla come here!" Sehun said and Vanilla immediately went towards us. WHAT? How come?

He gave him a small treat and Vanilla went back playing again. "How come you are so good with dogs?" I complained. "Haha, I don't actually know." He said. "Come on don't feel so down. You'll train him very good one day. You just need to work together with him of course and give him a treat when he does something right." He explained. Huh, tha's it? Well I don't know if I can do that. "Ohhh ok, I'll try." I nodded and he smiled.

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