Chapter 27 - Busted

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[Chloe's POV]

Huhuhu, finally I'm home. I feel exhausted but at the time, I'm happy because we got home early from school and Sehun gave me a drink and we ate rice cakes on our way home, I don't really expect him to that kind to me, I thought he was selfish -.- HAHA just kidding. Hmmm, I wonder what he is doing right now. Maybe he's playing video games or maybe he's getting pissed off because of Vanessa...Aishh I don't to that girl. Okay before anything else, I need to do some research for our health activity for tomorrow.

[Sehun's POV]

"Hey Sehun, someone texted you, should I read it for you?" Vanessa queried and I saw her holding my PHONE that I kept on finding for almost an hour. "Tsk, why do you have this you stealer!" I immediately grabbed my phone and I signaled her with my eyes like I'm telling her "Go away."

She pouted and pinched my cheeks...just then, she ran away


I looked at my phone and saw Kai Hyung with a message that says:

Hey, Maknae we have something to talk about you, we'll wait you here at Suho's house. FASTER

Ps: don't bring Chloe...Ps: I didn't said that, it was Baekhyun X)

"Arhhh what? Who said that I'm bringing her?" I stood up from the couch. I asked permission from Mom and she said to be home before dinner. Curiosity made me go so I texted Kai that I'm on my way.

[Kai's POV]

"He's on his way guys" I chuckled and they all just nodded. I went towards Baekhyun, "Question, why did you said NOT TO BRING CHLOE?" I asked and he laugh. "Aigoo, we can't let Chloe know that our Maknae likes her, she herself should figure it out" he whispered and Suho hyung messed my hair "Yah, do the Math" he chuckled. I fixed my hair and sat down at the couch.

[D.O's POV]

"Hey! Suho Hyung! Is Pop Corn ready?" I overheard Chanyeol "Hey, what's the purpose of the Popcorn? Are we gonna watch a movie?" I happily said and he nodded, "What's the Title?" "Uhhm, it's... Maknae is Busted, cool title right?" he cackled. Sometimes, I just find it weird when I'm talking to Chanyeol but that's life.

"Hey let's watch that video again!" Xiumin requested and before I could speak, he already played the Video in where Chanyeol and Lay caught Sehun kissing Chloe and I know that it's really a long time since that happened, but we just decided to tell him that right now, all I can say that I watched that video a hundred times and it's like I know all the details about it.

[Suho's POV]

Few minutes passed and a doorbell rang. "He's here" I went outside to open the door and I welcomed him in. "What's that you're about to tell me?" he questioned me and I told him to just go inside the house and he did.

"I c-can't believe that o-our Maknae has grown up" D.O stuttered and Sehun gave him a weird look. Everybody chuckled, "Bam! Busted!" Chanyeol shouted, "I can't believe what you did, I think you've learned it from someone who is so cool. Don't worry, you are looking at him right now" Kai Smirked. "Okay, it's getting really weird guys, what is it???" i can see that Sehun is so curios about it. I took a deep breath and gave him the phone that has the video of him and Chloe kissing. "Yah, don't get to shocked" i murmured and we all went closer to him except D.O

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