Chapter 8 - Concerned

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[Chloe's POV]

Days have passed. Same as always. Sehun still fetch me from home to school. Right now, we're walking to school but I'm still one meter away from him. *sigh*.

 It seems like he's always not in the mood. (he's always like that anyway).

 Maybe it's normal. As usual, if I'm trying to talk to him, he ignores me everytime but I get used to it. "Hey! Why are you so quiet these days? You barely even talk to your friends." I said. "I'm just not in the mood. I don't walk to talk to them." He replied. "Not in the mood again. You're always like that" I uttered. We came to school with silence.

While entering the school gate, I saw Jamie and Mia. "Yah, I'll see you later." Sehun said with a tired voice. I just nodded then he walked away. I felt like someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and it's them, Jamie and Mia. "Hey, what was that?" Mia asked. "Guys, I need to tell you something" I replied. Then, I dragged them to Arts Room. 

No one is in there. A perfect place to talk about something. "We're here. Now what are you going to tell us?" Jamie asked. I sighed and said "Sehun and I are---" . They cut me off and said "What? You're in a relationship?" Mia squealed. "Shhh, NO!, be quiet. The truth is we're always togeth---" They cut me off again. "What? Eating? Studying? You're really in a relationship. Don't deny it!" Jamie squealed. "NO! Let me finish! We're not in a relationship. We barely even talked and you know it.

 We always just walk together to and from the school. That's all" I answered. "WHAT!?" They squealed. Then the bell rang. "Yes! I'll explain it to both of you later in lunch. Ok?" I replied. They just nodded.

(lessons...discussions...chatting with classmates...seatworks...)

"Explain now, young lady" Mia said.  "Ok.It started one day. He suddenly came to our house and asked Mom if I'm ready.  I came out and I was in shocked when I saw him. I looked at him and wondering why is he there. Then sudde-----" Arh. They cut me off again. 

"What? Did he kissed you? What happened?" Jamie squealed. "No! Will you please let me finish my sentences first before you jump into conclusions?" I asked irritatingly scratching my neck.

 "Yes, you can. We're very sorry." They giggled. I sighed and continue my story.  "He grabbed my hand and said 'let's go! Goodbye Mrs. Hwang'" I said calmly. "Why did he do that? Does he have a crush on you? Does he like you?" Mia asked. "I don't know to him.

 When we're on our way to school, I asked him about that but he just told me to stay one meter away from him" I replied. "Maybe he's being shy when you're close to him while walking. You'll look like a couple. Maybe that's the reason." Jamie said. "I think so but after classes, he started waiting for me. It's odd, you know. 

Then he said that he'll be going to fetch me at home and in school and that's how it started. Days have passed and we're always like that." I said. "You're so lucky. You always have Sehun beside you."

"Psh, more like one meter away from me." I chuckled. "Tss, Yah! Still it is" Mia replied.

"Ok, So much for that, we need to go back to class now" Jamie said. I and Mia just nodded and went to class. We ready our Math books and everything because it's Math Time Yay! Then suddenly our English teacher came in and the class went quiet. 

Wait is it English time? "Ok class, announcement. Your Math teacher is absent today. She called me and said that you can have your free time in her subject but be back before your next subject teacher comes in. That's all, enjoy...

Then she came out. The class went wild and crazy like there's no tomorrow.  I'll use my free time to go out, so I asked Jamie and Mia if they can come with me but they're busy talking to each other so I decided to go out myself. 

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