Chapter 5 - Deal?

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[ Chloe' s POV ]

 Today is Tuesday. I woke up and I was getting ready for school. As I went downstairs, I saw Mom and Dad at the dining table, eating their breakfast. I went to my chair and said "Morning Mom!, Morning Dad!"  and started eating my breakfast.  After that, I gave my goodbye kisses to them.  Dad went to work and I also went to school. I saw him walking again in front of me. I tried to catch him and I did.

"Hey! Give me back my keys! I won't be able to open my locker. Some of my things are there!" I shouted to him.

"Duh? Of course your things are in there, it's a LOCKER what do you expect?"


\|---  ●  --- |#  uhhhh my goshhh, he's really getting to  my nerves.

He just ignored me and continued to walk but this time, even faster. I tried to catch him again as fast as I could. I forced him to give my keys back until we reached school. He just ignored me all the way.

<<At The Gate Of The School>>

"Yah! Are you deaf!?" I shouted. Then he stopped walking. Arrh, finally he stopped walking.I just really need to shout at him that's all, hehe.

 "I was about to  give it to you but... I LOST IT" he smirked. My eyes widened.

"W-WHAT!?" I said shockingly. Then he smiled and said. "Just kidding. Here" he threw the keys at me, luckily I caught it.  "Now go to your class", he added, and he started walking again and left me.OMG! Did he just smiled? His kills me on the inside. He's so cute.

"Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!" I heard a familiar voice calling me.

I turned around and saw that it were Jamie and Mia. I'm just so embarrassed. I didn't realized that I was smiling and giggling all by myself. Many people are looking at me and wondering what am I thinking. >__<

"OMO! Sehun and you talked? How?" Jamie asked me. "Yeah! How did it happen? You're so lucky. Didn't you know that Sehun doesn't like talking to girls." Mia added. "Wait, Why did you know that?!" I was surprised. "Pftt, we've been watching the  two of you since you've came here." Mia told me.

"Umm, wait, about yesterday what really happened to you?" Jamie asked. "Ahh, well I was finding my locker key in my backpack, then I got tripped and bumped Sehun" I explained.

"WHAT!! YOU GOT BUMPED TO SEHUN!!" the two of them got shocked. Then girls started to looked at us. "Shhh!  Gosh!  Who do you have to shout ." I murmured. 

"Oh right, sorry." They said. Suddenly, the bell rang so we have to go to our classes. "Hey, we'll just continue to talk about it later at lunch." I exclaimed. "Oh, ok let's go now." Jamie said.

<<Classes Started>>


<<Lunch Break>>

"Hey Chloe, now tell us what happened ." Mia said. "Remember that we bumped, I fell into him and I was on top of him. Our face were really near to each other" I said while blushing. "OMO! REALLY!? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!?" she shouted to me.

"Ssshh, others might hear us. Of course, he pushed me forward then he got up and said that he hate stupid girls" I said and was irritated because of his attitude. " Psh, Sehun why so cold?" Mia said.

Then girls started screaming like they've seen a celebrity.

"What's wrong with them again?" I asked. " Umm, wait let me see." Mia said then she stood up at the chair. " nah, it's only EXO" Mia said. Then, I looked at them and saw Sehun. " Hey, what's Sehun doing over there?" I asked. " Yah! Didn't you know that Sehun is part of the EXO. He's the maknae there." Jamie said.

"Maknae? What's maknae?" I added. "Maknae means 'the youngest'. It means that Sehun is the youngest of them all" Mia said. "Ohhh, that's why he's famous here and girls are always screaming when they see him" I said.  

<<Back To Class>>

(discussions...meetings about projects...seatworks...homeworks)


Ahhh, finally I can go home now but I wanted to say thanks to Sehun first. Where is he now?

Then, I was about to exit the school and from there, I saw Sehun walking on his way home. Wanna know why I'm sure if that's  him? It's because I already know the way he walks and the look of his back. Then, I tried to catch him and I did.

" Hey! Sehun ummm, I just want to say thank you for finding and giving my locker keys back. That's all." I said

"Hmm" Sehun said.

"May I go with you? We're only neighbors" I asked him. He just ignored me. "Pftt, What a deaf guy" I murmured.

"What did you said?" He asked. "Huh? Ah, nothing" I scratched the back of my neck. He just continued walking but still, I WILL GO WITH HIM

" Can I ask you something?" I said.

 "No" he replied.

"Yes?" I asked.


"Yes you mean No or No you mean Yes?... or No." 

"What???" He irritatingly said. -__-#

"Hehe sorry, even I can't understand what I'm saying." I chuckled.Maybe it;;s because I'm talking to you. I can't believe that he's still talking to me even though he's really irritated to me.


 " Aishh, I just want to ask you about EXO. Is that your group?" I asked. " Yes. And I joined that group 3 years ago". He said. " ahh, ok." I replied.

As we've reached our houses, Auntie saw us walking together. She was so happy and I don't know why.  I wave to Auntie as I walk to our home.

[Sehun's POV]

"Ayyiiee, you two are so cute together." Mom said. We walk right in to our house. "Yah, Sehun-ah , since we're just neighbors with Chloe, I want you to fetch her everyday from school." Mom said. "Why would I do that?" I said. "Of course, you've got to do it. She's a girl and she needs someone who will guard and protect her on the way home." She added. "But – " I was cut off when she said "That's final".

I just took a deep sigh and went upstairs... Mom is so frustrating


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