Chapter 31 - He Started It

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[ Chloe's POV ]

It's been almost 3 weeks since Jin and his Father moved here. Jin and I are having more time bonding with each other, especially at school. He also became really close to Jamie and Mia too but I don't know why Jamie is irritated to Jin sometimes, I mean always. Believe me, they're like cats and dogsfighting about something that is not important. Yet Sehun...well he- he's actually kinda grumpy these past few days and when I'm talking to him his answers were like...




See what I mean? Well I hope it'll end soon, cuz I'm not comfortable with it. Oh and Vanessa, she's treating Sehun so nice but it's opposite when it comes to me, pftt. But that can't ruin my day; I'm planning to have a jogging right now after I fix myself up.

I came down and went to the kitchen, Mom is still cooking breakfast. "Morning Mom" I greeted and she handed me a glass of water, I immediately drank it. She looked at me from head to toe, "You're gonna have some jogging?" I nodded. "Well then ok, just be back soon" she said. "Sure Mom."

I went away and saw dad reading some newspaper while sitting on the couch, I hugged him from the back. "Morning Dad." He patted my hand, "Why up so early dear?" he asked and I chuckled. Umm why not invite him to join me right? "Dad, you wanna join me? I'm gonna have some jogging"

"No thanks dear, maybe next time. I'm gonna help your Mom prepare the table. I promised her that" he explained. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. "That's ok dad, I'll go now." I waved both of my hands and went out. My eyes widened as I saw Vanessa, well as I can see I think she's gonna have some jogging too. She glared at me and flips her hair out.

"Tch" I murmured and I started jogging. She did start too and wherever I go, she goes there too. What's wrong with that girl, did I do something wrong her? Why is she following me? Huhu, I don't like where this is heading. For the last time I looked back and huh? Where is she? I shook my head and


"HEY WATCH IT!" wait that voice...

I was too late to notice that I'm on top of him and were lying on floor. We looked to each other's eyes for like 5 seconds or so and he immediately stood up and handed his hands to me, "Get Up" he coldly said. I grabbed his hands and I got up, is it really hot in here? Or am I blushing? Kyyaa Sehun I hate you!

"You owe me"

I heard him said; I can't look to him cuz maybe he'll see me blushing and laugh at me, Tch. "F-for what?" I asked but I'm still not looking at him. "For catching your back again. Don't you see or even feel what it's like falling and catching someone's back always? It's a cement I'm falling to, not a bed" I saw him looked away. Aw Sehun, I'm really sorry. Can I just make it up to you? I grabbed his hand.

Oohhh my it's like I'm gonna melt, his hand is so soft. "Sorry, I promise not be clumsy anymore ok?" I smiled so widely, a very special Chanyeol smile and he messed my hair and smiled a bit.

I guess that's a yes. ^~^

Well I hope I can promise him that I won't be clumsy anymore, haha we'll see...

[ Sehun's POV ]

Tsk. She really knows my weak point. It's been days since we last talked to each other and I barely speak, and how can I even chat with her if Jin is always getting on my way. I know he's Chloe's cousin but- Aishhh nevermind. I don't even know the reason of why I'm acting like this, to him and Chloe. But I can't stay mad at Chloe because I like her, but what's the point? I don't think she cares. While I'm looking at her, my mouth suddenly spoke...

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