Chapter 16 - I know him

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[ Chloe's POV ]

"I'm really sorry for not looking at my way." he pleaded. I looked at him straightly and said "It's ok, don't worry about it." I smiled and he smiled back. And I noticed that it was the guy with a dimple on the right. Oh wait! VIXX's Hongbin, that's him. No way! H-he just talked to me. 

"H-hey, are you ok? You're blushing." he said and I got back to my senses. "Huh? I-I'm not blushing" I denied.

"Hyung!" we heard a guy's voice from far away. "Oh, my friend's here, I better go now, it was nice meeting you" he said. "Ok, you too, bye!" I waved my hand and he smiled then he went off.

[ Sehun's POV ]

She went back to her seat holding the bracelet and she put it aside. "Do you know him?" I asked. Her smile fades away "What do you think?! Of course not." she said coldly. "Aishh, I'm just asking." I murmured and we both looked away.

Few minutes later, D.O hyung came. "Ah, there you are Sehun, I kept on finding you until I noticed your cap." he said. "Sorry hyung." I replied. He then glanced at Chloe. "Oh Chloe! You're here too." he said in delight.

 "Yeah, oh D.O I have something for you," she cheerily said and she looked at me. "Really? What is it?" he excitedly replied.

 Then Chloe handed him the bracelet that she was about to gave me earlier that I didn't accept. "Wow, thanks Chloe!" he thanked her and I grabbed my bubble tea and drink it so fast that they noticed that I'm very disappointed.

[Chloe's POV]

I watched Sehun drink his bubble tea so badly. He's really annoying. I and D.O just kept watching him. "Hey, I'll go now" I said. When I was about to stand up, I heard someone called my name, "Chloe!" I immediately turned around and saw that it's Jamie and Mia. I ran towards them, "Guys! I'm so glad I found you." I felt relieved that moment.

 "Us too, yah! let's be careful next time ok?" Mia hugged me. I just nodded. "Hey let's just eat." I suggested.

 "Ok. Let's go!" Mia exclaimed. We went to another table, far from Sehun's table. But still I can see his face staring at me so I gave him a cold look and he just stick his tongue out. "Aissh, this boy is so..." I have nothing to say.

After Jamie ordered, the food already came and we started eating. "Jamie, about your phone. Why can't I call you?" I asked her. "Yeah, about that. My phone is drained. I forgot to charge it earlier but when I was about to charge it on the charging station with the new charger I bought, we saw you." she replied. I just nodded and we continue eating.

After that, I requested Jamie and Mia to go first to the Comfort room before we go home.


"Ok, let's go to the Bus Station." Jamie said and we went off. I know, we left very early but at least we did what we like to do and that's what matter. After waiting for the bus, finally it came. We entered it and It started going.

"Hey, we better go now Chloe! See you on Monday" Mia said. "Ok, you too guys!" I replied and we hugged together. "Take care Chloe!" Jamie exclaimed and I just nodded then we separated our ways.

While walking, I kept on thinking about Hongbin and I'm smiling. It made me look stupid.

 I noticed that I'm almost half way from home. "BOO!" someone touched my shoulder and I yelled so loud "AHHHHHHH!" I looked back and saw that it was Sehun, he laugh so hard while holding his stomach. I'm bursting with anger and he noticed that so he ran away.

 I also did and I'm trying to catch him but we end up running in circles. When I was about to catch his shirt, a hard object hit my head. "Ouch!!" I stopped running so did he. I glance and saw it was a ball. Sehun came laughing silently. I hit his shoulder in return. "That's for making me run" I said. And a girl came towards us. "Mianhae." she said and she got the ball. 

"Are you hurt? How's your head?" Sehun touched my head. "I don't know, but I feel kinda dizzy" I said while massaging my head. Sehun looked around; I think he's finding something. Then he looked at me, "There, let's sit down on that bench" he said while pointing the bench. I nodded and he assisted me on going there.

We sat down. I'm still massaging my head. After a few minutes, the pain relieved and Sehun spoke up. "Why did you gave the bracelet to D.O?" he asked. I looked at him and so did he. "Because you don't like it, right?" I replied. "I didn't said that I don't like it." he grinned. "Well, too late. I already gave it to D.O" I teasingly said. "I know." he said and he looked away.

"Why did you came so early?" I asked. He took a deep breath "I just wanna go home early and we have nothing to do. How about you?" he asked, "Well, same." I said. "Hey, can we go now Sehun?" I requested. "Ok sure, but are you ok to go?" he asked. 

"Yes, I'm fine." I replied. "Well, ok let's go home." he said.


"Ok, see you tomorrow Sehun" I said when we've reached home. He just smiled at me. After that we went to our houses. As I got inside, I saw Mom on the couch, watching television. "Hi Mom! I'm home" I happily said. 

She came towards me and gave me a hug. "Chloe! You came so early, how was your day?" she asked. "It was great!" I gave her a fake smile. Well it went great though, I saw Sehun and D.O also Hongbin. "Umm, Mom where's Dad?" I asked her. 

"He's upstairs, sleeping" she replied and she continued watching television while sitting on the couch. I went upstairs to my room to change my Clothes. I went to my bed to take a rest. I took a glance on the clock and saw that it was already 5:15 P.M.


N-yeong! Hehehe.....

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