Chapter 9 - Is It The Start?

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This Chapter is dedicated to crazitalian16 thanks for reading my story~

[ Sehun's POV ]

Ugh! Crap, my head is aching so hard. Even worse than yesterday. I just forced to go to school because we have a quiz today and no one will fetch Chloe if I don't go. Well, I have to get ready now and eat my breakfast.

Then I went downstairs, I saw and greeted Mom "Morning Mom" I said, wearily. "Oh, good morning Son. Are you  alright? It's seems like your very tired." Mom said worriedly.  "Mom, it's ok, I'm alright. Let me just eat my breakfast so I can go now." I replied while walking towards the dining room. 

"Oh, ok then" I heard Mom from behind. I ate my breakfast. I felt that my temperature is rising up. I think I have slight fever. "I gotta go Mom. Bye!" I said, tired. When I got out of our house, I saw Chloe came out of her house too. She saw me and said "Oh, hi! Let's go!" I just nodded and we went off.

<<On The Way To School>>

[Chloe's POV]

I felt like Sehun has a problem. I think he's not feeling well but still, I'm one meter away from him so I can't confirm if he's really not feeling well. We didn't talked to each other until we reached school. Complete silence.

I'm starting to worry about him. Wait, why am I thinking about him? Anyway, when we reached the school gate, he said with a tired look, "See you later." I just nodded and we separate our ways. 

It's kinda weird today. First, we didn't talk for the whole time we're walking earlier and now I can't find Jamie and Mia. We always meet up here everyday. Are they absent? Maybe they were just buying things. I just went to class and wait them there.

It's a little bit early. It's just 7:05 AM. Still got more minutes to relax myself . Suddenly, my classmate, Naeun, approached me. " Hey~ Chloe, do you mind?" she said while pointing the chair beside me. I think she wants to sit there. "Oh, yeah sure, sit down." I replied. "Haha, thanks" she said smiling and sat down. Then she went near my ear and whispered me something 

" Hey, I heard that you talked with Chanyeol yesterday when we had our free time. What did you talked about? Tell me! tell me!" she squealed. "Oh, that. He just helped me when I was bullied by a group of girls" I said. "Oh, really? Stupid girls. Serves them right!" she said angrily. 

"Of course, I didn't back down. I talked back to them." I said. "You know, you're so lucky." she suddenly said. "Why? He just helped me. Where's the luck in there?" I asked. "You're the only girl that Chanyeol talked with in our whole class." she uttered. 

"Really? I never thought of that." I said. "Yes, it's true. Can you introduce me to him someday?" she giggled and ran away. Haha, she's so childish. Then, Jamie and Mia came. "Oh there you both are. Where have you been?" I asked them. "Uhm. We just bought something" Jamie said. then the class started

(As usual, the things that normal students do)

<<Lunch Break>>

Same as always, we talked a lot while eating. Jamie and Mia were talking to each other. They are really talkative. I'm not in the mood to talk about my life today. I'm still worried about Sehun. He doesn't look like he's ok. I'm just staring at my food. I didn't know that Jamie was calling me.

 "Hey Chloe! Chloe!" she shouted at me, that way, I came back to my sense. "Huh? Why?" I asked.

 "You were not in yourself earlier. What were you thinking? You barely even talked to us. It's always I and Mia who were talking." she replied. I was about to talk back when suddenly Naeun cut our discussion and said "Hey Chloe! Don't forget to introduce me to Chanyeol? Ok? Then she winked at me and left. I saw Jamie in shocked. Her eyes widened. Then she stand up and said "Omo! W-what was that? C-chanyeol?  How did you? You met him?". 

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