Chapter 17 - Review

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[Chloe's POV ]

Months passed and the next three days will be our periodical exam again. Well the past exams were quite easy but I think this exam will be a little bit hard so I have to ace it.

 Right now, Me and Sehun are heading to school. I'm browsing my phone while Sehun is listening to music with his headphone and he look so cool and I hate it cause it's one of the reasons why girls are so attracted to him.

 There was a time that we we're walking from school when suddenly two girls bumped him and were blushing, and I'm guessing that they really did it so they can get Sehun's attention. Fortunately, Sehun got mad and I glared at them. You think you have a chance? I don't think so, "Mwahahaha!"


"You're right, they're pabo!"

"Yah! Chloe! Are you listening?!"

As I heared Sehun's voice, well his shout, I got back to my senses. "H-huh?" I glanced at him and saw that his headphones were removed. "Tsh, what were you thinking? Who's pabo? And why we're you laughing all by yourself? Do you want me to bring you to the hospital?" he asked so many questions and I can't answer them. Well only the last question. "Psh, why do I need to go there? I'm not crazy." I said.

 "And you we're holding your phone so hard that it was about to crush" he added. I immediately put my phone back to my bag. "L-let's not talk about that." I murmured. "You're Crazy." he moved away from me. "Tsh." I said as he put his headphone back. :3

Finally we're here. We separated our way in walking. Before going to class, I first went to the comfort room to pee. "Ahh, finally" I uttered. As I went out, I heard girls talking so loud; I looked back and saw that it's them.

 The girls who bullied me. "Oh no." I was frightened cause one of them saw me and even pointed the way where I am. I ran away so fast, and they're running too. When I reached our classroom, I was catching my breath. I glanced back and they stopped from running. One of them looked at me so badly. "Chloe, what's wrong?" I turned back and Mrs. Park was standing behind me. "Oh, good morning Mrs. Park." I bowed.

"Why were you running?" she asked and looked outside. I also did and saw that the girls were gone. "N-nothing, I just don't wanna be late." I said. "Well then, go to your seat" she replied. 

I nodded and went to my seat. "Hi guys" I turned back to see Jamie and Mia. "Hi Chloe!" they greeted.

[Classes Started]

"Class, I'll remind you again to review for your upcoming examination. I'm hoping that you'll acquire high grades. Oh and you can all have your free time after our discussion" Mrs. Park reminded us.

"Yes Mrs. Park" we said in unison.

After the discussions. It's already lunch break. "Chloe! Let's go now." Mia said as they both cling their arms on me. After getting our food, we head to our table and start eating. 

"Hey, why were you running earlier? Is someone running after you?" Mia asked. "It's because of those girls, they're following me" I answered. "Aigoo, why won't they stop bothering you? What's wrong with them?" Jamie added.

 "You should tell Sehun about this" Mia said. "What? No way" I rejected and continued eating. I 'm almost done. "Ok I'm done" I said as I stand up. "Where are you going?"asked Mia. "I

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