Chapter 38 - Leaving

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[Chloe's POV]

Did I mention that this Boy is so noisy?

I can't stand it anymore, not just that. He kept on asking and asking me about Sehun.

On where did I met him, how come we're both neighbors, why he's not talkative and he even said that he himself is more good looking than Sehun.

Okaaay~ moving on.

"So Chloe how's my report? Is it good enough?" he threw his intermediate pad at me and without hesitation I immediately catch it. -_-

"Arrg! You're so lazy Trystan, can you just give it to me properly?" I said and he fed himself with a spoonful of ice cream. Just because our distance with each other is far, he kept on throwing me things while he's there, sitting on my chair near the study table...and I'm here, sitting on a cold cold floor where our materials are scattered can this be—


"Tsss, Mom~ I'm having my very own moment here." I uttered and Trystan laughed at me. I threw him a pillow and he stood up immediately and threw a soft ball-

"OUCH! NOT THE HEAD!"I shouted and threw him the ball but it didn't hit him. Argg! I threw all my pillows at him and he kept on laughing, I'm not fooling around ok? I hate him and this is my revenge. "Don't you dare go near me!" I warned him and he slowly walked towards me, smirking. I threw him a book and sadly, he caught it.

[Jin's POV]

/At Chloe's Door/

Seriously???? Mom? Chloe called me 'Mom' Aiggoo, I had enough with this eomma thing, even my friends says that. Just because I care for them so much, they treat me like this?


What's going on inside her room? I heard many shouts, things falling and-

I placed my ear on Chloe's door and heard her saying 'Don't you dare go near me'

On that very moment, I attacked her door and saw the soft ball I gave her rolling with a face like this

(x o -)

I looked at them and was surprised with their position, Chloe was cornered and Trystan was holding her arm. This stupid boy, he won't leave my cousin alone. I held his collar and I punch his face.

"Oh no!!! Jin! What did you do?" Chloe helped him get up. Seriously? Common Sense please~

"I punched him" I answered and she rolled her eyes,

"I know that, but what I meant was... Why did you do that?"

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