Chapter 22 - Sleepover

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[Chloe's POV]

"Chloe,I think I like you...."

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I shouted as loud as I can and I heard loud footsteps running upstairs and towards my room. Someone opened my door. "Chloe! Is everything alright? Why were you shouting?" Mom asked so worriedly. "N-nothing Mom, I was just having a nightmare" I lied and she sat on the side of my bed. "Tsk, my baby girl is having nightmares" she hugged me. Mom I'm not a child anymore. "Umm, Mom, what's the day today?" I asked because If that really happened...Oh my gosh! "Today is Sunday dear" she said. "What? M-mom, w-what happened last night?" my voice was trembling and she chuckled. "Oh dear, you don't remember. Actually you fell asleep and Sehun carried you from their house to our house. He didn't explain much further and said that you two were talking with each other then suddenly you slept on his shoulder" she explained. I can't show my face to Sehun again, I'm dead. "Mom, how can I be so stupid!" I almost cried because of what happened, so all of that were true? Did I really meet EXO? Sehun and I were really talking with each other at their terrace? Did Sehun really say that he like me? Or that word was just a trick of my playful mind. It's so messed up, I can't think clearly.

Mom told me to fix myself up and get ready for breakfast. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs, I'm so hungry. My phone vibrated so I looked at it and saw a notification. Sleepover at my house 3:00 p.m. w/ Jamie and Mia Oh yeah, the sleepover. Luckily there's no school tomorrow Monday, it will be on Tuesday. I started eating breakfast with Mom and Dad.

[ Sehun's POV ]

I can't believe that Chloe just fell asleep in my shoulder and I also can't believe that I just said that I like her. I hope she didn't hear it. I got a little bit mad because of that.

[Chanyeol's POV]


I and Chloe were just laughing at each other. She's nice to be with. Suddenly Sehun came. "Hey" she said. he just grabbed her and went out of the room. There's something between them. I went out of the room to follow them but I lost them. I saw Auntie talking to her friends. "Auntie" I called her. "Chanyeol" she said and smiled. I walked towards her. "Did you saw Sehun and Chloe?" I asked her. "No but maybe they're in the terrace" she said. I smiled at her and went off.

I went to the terrace. Luckily, I found them. I was about to call them when I noticed that they're talking to each other. I don't mean to eavesdrop but I couldn't resist to what they were talking.

But first, I need to take them a picture.


"Chloe,I think I like you...."

I overheard Sehun. What!? He likes her. Since when? I need to tell it to the others. I quickly went back to the guest room.

"Guess what?" I shouted as I entered.

I told them everything. As in everything.

Their comments was like



"Aww... our maknae is a man now"

While the others were just laughing.

*End of Flashback*

[ Chloe's POV ]

I'm watching television while eating an apple. Gosh, I'm so bored. I turned off the television and went towards Mom. I wanna do something like water the flowers or else. "Mom, can I water our plants?" I asked her. "Oh, ok dear" she replied. I head to our garden and do my thing. After that, I washed my hands and went upstairs to my room. I opened my facebook account and saw a lot of friend request. Woah, I looked at it and got shocked. "What?! These are all EXO members! Even Sehun sent a friend request" I uttered. Well, I should accept them all. I looked at Sehun's facebook, wow! Look at all these people! Wow, sehun you are so famous, actually all of them are and I stalked them.


Gosh! It's almost 3:00! Thirty minutes left and boom! They're here. I can't go outside, Sehun would see me. But I have to because if I don't they'll see Sehun! Arrh! No choice. I went outside and look at Sehun's house. Omo! He's at their terrace. I can do this! "Se-Sehun! Sehun-ah!!" I shouted and he noticed me. Oooh, I can't look. "Wae?!" he shouted back. "Ahhh, Be-" before could speak, somebody shouted "Wahhhh! Sehun!!!" a girl voice shouted I turned back and saw Jamie and Mia. WHAT? They're so early! They both cling to me and kept on jumping. I'm so dead; I dragged them to our house. "What was that?!" Jamie yelled. "Yah! don't shout, my parents would hear you" I muttered. "Oh, sorry" she apologized. "Guys, I'll explain it to you later ok? Let's go first and find Mom and Dad. I want you to meet them" I said. We went upstairs and saw them there, "Mom,Dad" I uttered. "Oh Chloe, is this Jamie and Mia?" Dad asked. "Annyeonghasayo~" they both greeted. "Yes Dad" I said. "Good thing you came early, I'm gonna make snacks for the three of you" Mom said and we thanked her. We went to my room and Mia locked the door. "Ok, explanation, NOW" Jamie said. "Ok, ok" I immediately said and startedexplaining....

[After the long explanation]

"Guys, please don't do this to me. Don't be mad, I know I lied to you; it's because I'm scared. I thought that if I told you that I'm Sehun's neighbor, you'll broadcast it to the whole school and every girl will bully me" I pleaded so hard but they aren't talking. 'Tch, it means you don't trust us" Mia whispered. "Yes but that was before, now I do. I do trust you guys so please" I begged. They looked at each other and nodded, they immediately hugged me. "Awww, I knew you love me" I pouted. "Aissh, don't ever keep secrets from us ok?" Jamie said and I nodded happily.

Now that we're all ok, we did so many things. We colored our nails, play Mario kart with my Wii U, eat snacks, watch a movie , play board games and everything that you can inside a house.

Dinner came, so the three of us went down. Jamie and Mia had all the time to chat with Mom and Dad, we were all having a nice chat with each other.


Right now, we have nothing to do until I remembered that Chanyeol shared me a video of them, they are so playful that time. I grabbed my phone and show it to them. "Ohhh, look at Chanyeol" Jamie squealed in joy. "Hahaha, they kept on pinching Sehun's cheeks" Mia chuckled. Sehun's cheeks are really pink that time, so he chased them all. Wow, I never saw Sehun laugh that hard. When the video's done, we decided to get ready for bed.

We all fell asleep by 10:00. I love you guys, sleep well~


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