Chapter 39 - The VIP of his life

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[Sehun's POV]

I stood up and saw her sad face. "Don't worry, I'll miss you...slightly" I murmured and she looked up at me, with a small smile formed in her lips. "Well, slightly is better that not missing me right?" she asked and I nodded.

"Ok then...BYE!!!" I ran outside her room. Phew, well that went well. I grabbed the pink box on the side table and went outside.

I glance around and saw... Chloe? Wait why is she crying? Why is that everybody likes to cry today. It's so stressful alright.

She was sitting on the bench holding a poster. What? I don't clearly get it; I walked towards her and sat down. "What's with you??" I started. "Nothing important" she said, sobbing. "If it isn't Important. Why are you crying like someone died"

"Really?" She can't believe herself. "Yeah. What's this?" I grabbed the poster and saw a 6 member K-pop group. "It's VIXX" she said. "Ohhh, did a member died?" I asked and she stood up and gasped so hard, "You take that back! No, no one died. Are you insane???"

"Chill. I'm just kidding ok?" I chuckled.

"Mom and Dad won't let me go to the concert, even though I can go there myself, and another thing, I don't have any....TICKETES!!! It's all sold out! And the concert starts at 8 pm sharp! Why why why why Sehun?" She was panicking.

She'll be crazy any minute now. "Who told you that it was already sold out??" I asked, "The Website" she answered. "Well, maybe it's not true. Maybe there's another ticket."

"That won't work anyway, they won't let me...can't you see? I'm Chained Up! Chained Up!"

Huh??? Hey I heard that song before, nah never mind...

"Get dressed." I said.


"You're gonna see them"



"But how???"

"I'll buy us the tickets"

"Really? You'll do that? For me?"

"No for them"


"Of course for you...always for you"


"Hurry or I'll change my mind."

"Ok ok, geez."

She went inside their house. I told her to just tell her Mom that we'll have a dinner outside. I'm sorry Auntie, I just wanna make Chloe happy. I hate it when she's crying. Don't worry I'll bring her back safe and sound.


[Chloe's POV]

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