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[ Chloe's POV ]

Looking at Sehun's eyes for the last time was really hard for me yet I have to. Both of us were just standing and looking at each other, we said our promises to each other to call or to have a video call when our leisure time comes.

I looked down and he hugged me again for the last time. "I'll miss you Chloe." He said with his sincere tone, I started crying because why does this have to happen to both of us? The happening was really fast. I can't believe it.

"Shhhh, don't cry. You'll get your eyes swollen again." He was worried while looking at me. "*snif* I don't care anymore." I pouted and he chuckled.

[Sehun's POV]

Aigoo, this girl doesn't listen to me again. I'm really gonna miss her, who wouldn't right? She's my everything.

"All planes going to America are now boarding."

The moment I heard that, my hands were automatically released to Chloe's body. "I guess this is goodbye?" I said with a worried face. She just nodded slowly and kissed me in the lips. I responded back and we kissed for 5 seconds or so. It was a very passionate kiss.

I started walking then she waves her hand at me so I did also. I got my black sunglasses and I wore it.


I was about to enter to the plane but somebody got on my way and this man was very familiar to me, I think it's one of Grandfather's bodyguards. "Sehun..." Uwo? Who's talking? I immediately turned back and saw him, it's Grandpa.

One of his bodyguards dragged me back, away from the plane until we were inside the airport. "Let go of me." I released my hand from that guy. Tsss.

"What's this grandpa? I need to go, the plane is about to take off." I was confused and at the same time, startled because of his worried face.

"I'm sorry. I was wrong. Very wrong." He stated. I was dumbfounded.

Later on, the plane took off and I wasn't there! I'm standing here. This can't be!

0 . 0

[Chloe's POV]

I was on my way walking, away from the airport and from everybody; I want to be alone first. Just then, I saw Sehun's plane at the sky, I stopped walking and shouted. "SEHUN-AH! SARANGHAE! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!" I smiled, looking at the plane.


I decided to go to the park where I can see little children playing and having no worries or ay problem. I sat on the swing near the playground. "Excuse me, can I have my turn?" I was surprised to see a little boy on my side, he was pointing at this seat. "O-oh, of course." Stood up and scratched my head. Hehe, how silly of me to seat on a swing where little children come and go. I'm blocking their happiness.

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