Chapter 7 - Thank you

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[ Chloe's POV ]

As I went inside, I saw Mom and Dad so I greeted them, "Hi mom, Hi Dad I'm home!" I said happily.

 "Oh, hi Chloe. How was your day?" Mom asked me. "it was fine." I answered. 

Then Dad told me to go upstairs and dressed up because we're gonna eat diner now. And I did so. After I'm done I immediately went downstairs and walked towards the dining room. 

Then Mom saw me, "Oh, Chloe you're here, now let's eat." She said and I just nodded. 

After eating, I went  upstairs to my room to do my homeworks . Until suddenly my phone rang and saw that it was my classmate Hannah calling me. So I answered it and she told me to bring ¼ size of Styrofoam and a black permanent marker for our group project tomorrow.

And I just agreed with it. But I'm really pissed off because why didn't she told me that earlier while we we're at school so I can immediately buy it. But luckily it was only 8:05 p.m. so I have enough time to buy it at the school supplies.

So I went downstairs to find Mom. Then I found her washing the dishes in our kitchen room. I tapped her shoulders and said "Umm, Mom can I ask for your permission?" then she looked at me "Huh? Why?" she asked. "Well I'm going to the nearest school supplies here to buy some of our things  needed for our group project tomorrow." I replied. "Oh, ok sure fine. But do you know where the school supplies is?" she asked. "Umm, No" I said while looking down.

 "Well that's alright, we can asked Sehun about it and he will accompany you in going there." Mom said. "W-what? But Mom!" I said.

" It's ok I already know now!" I got shocked of what she said, so I Lied telling her that  I already know where to go. 

And I don't wanna go with that guy. "No Chloe, this is for your safety." She replied. Safety? what?

Then she grabbed my right hand and went outside to Auntie's House. arhh this is worse that I thought.

As Mom knocked at their front door, someone opened it and saw that it was Auntie. "Oh! Hi Laura and Chloe, what brings you here hmm?" Auntie asked. " Well, Chloe is about to buy some things for her group project in the school supplies, but she don't know where it is. So can I ask Sehun to accompany her in going there? I'm sure he knows where it is right? "Mom said. "Oh! Yes of course no problem, let me just call him ok? " Auntie replied. "T-thank you Auntie" I said shyly and she smiled at me.

After a few minutes, Sehun came out and he looked at me and said "Come on, let's just go". I think Auntie already told him. "O-oh, yes right" I replied. "Come back soon ok?" Auntie reminded us, "Yes Auntie" I said then we went off.

While we're walking, I noticed that Sehun doesn't remind me to go one meter away from him. Well that's fair because I'll only do that if we're going from school and returning to home. "Yah! Why didn't you bought the things you need for your group project while we're at school" Sehun said. "Tsss, it's not my fault you know, Only because if my classmate had told me to provide that earlier, we wouldn't be here. So don't blame me" I replied and looked away.

 "Why? You don't know what you're gonna bring for tomorrow?" Sehun asked.

 "Psh, how should I know? She wouldn't tell us what to bring because that group project should be next week but then suddenly she told me on the phone that it is going to be tomorrow." I said and he just glanced at me. Stop it I can't look directly to your eyes.

After minutes of walking and walking I asked Sehun in a tried voice. "Yah, are we almost there?" then suddenly he just stopped and I bumped at his back.

 "Hey! Watch it" he said irritatingly, "Ok fine sorry, wait why did we stopped?" I asked then he said that We're already here. "Oh, right". Then we went in and I started looking for the things I needed. While scanning for it, I'm really getting curious of why people started to looked at us, is there a dirt in my face? Then I noticed that they're looking at Sehun. And even heard some of the girls saying...

"Oh my gosh he's so cute"

"Wow, he's handsome"

"Ohh, how I wish to have a boyfriend like that"

"OMG! look at you!" I imitated the girl's voice but I just whispered those words but then I saw Sehun chuckled. Wahhh what did I do? TT_TT way to do Chloe, you've made yourself looking so pathetic. 

Psh, it's so irritating. Wait why am I feeling something different? Don't tell me that I'm getting jealous. Arhh no I can't fall from this guy, I can't even stand his attitude.

 Then I got shocked when Sehun yelled at me. " Yah! Are you finish?"he asked.

 "Ahh, no last one, let me just get that black permanent marker then we can go" I said then he turned around and walked towards the spot where you can find different colors of permanent maker and grabbed one black color of it. Then he handed it to me, "Thank you" I said. "Just go and pay for that" he replied and I just nodded.

After paying for it, we went outside of the shop and started walking. Then Sehun spoke up " let me carry that" he said and looked at me, damn he's so handsome. "Oh, yes of course, thank you". I said and he grabbed the paper bag that I am holding. I never thought that he would do that, he has a kind and thoughtful side after all and that makes me know him even more.

While walking, it's really silent. So I broke it and asked Sehun when is his birthday.  "My birthday? No way, why should I tell you." he said and smirked at me. "Please? I just wanna know when" I said while frowning."It's on April 15"he replied. "Omo! Really? So that means we're on the same birthday!" I said shockingly. He chuckled " so your birthday is on April 15?" he asked and I just nodded happily. Then he just laughed, ohh he's so cute when he laughs, "W-why? What's wrong?" I asked. " Haha, I'm just kidding, my birthday is on April 12" he said and I stopped smiling. 

"Yah! You joker!" I yelled, and he keeps on laughing, "It's just because your fun to watch when I'm playing with you! hahaha" he replied. "Aish, you really pissed me off Sehun" I said "Haha,I know" he said and smirked at me again. "Gosh" I said and looked away.

Then after minutes of walking, finnaly we've reached home. I tooked a big sigh "Finally, we're here" I said then Sehun handed me the things we've bought. " here, now go" he said and I grabbed it. " T-thank you Sehun for accompanying me in buying these things, I really appreciate it." I said and smiled at him.

 Then he ruffled my hair "No problem" he replied and went towards the door of their house while waving his hands without looking at me and went in. After that I walked towards the door of our house and went in.

As I went inside, I saw Mom sitting on the couch. "Hi Mom! I'm home". I said happily " Oh, hi Chloe, you're already here. Did you bought the things you needed for your group project?" She asked me and I just nodded.

 " By the way, where's Dad?" I asked. "He's already sleeping" Mom replied. " Oh, ok" then I went upstairs to fix my things for tomorrow, and was getting ready for sleep. After I'm all done with this and that, also saying goodnight to Mom, I went to bed, and start finding my sleeping position...but then

"Arhh, I can't sleep because I kept on thinking about Sehun and his adorable smile, Gosh! I just can't help it." So I tried very hard to get to sleep and I did...


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