Chapter 6 - His Rules

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[Sehun's POV]

It's now Wednesday. I woke up early and get ready to school. I went downstairs and saw Mom at the dining room. "Sehun, come and eat your breakfast now." Mom said. I went to the dining table and started eating my breakfast. "Oh! I forgot, I added some to the deal." Mom said.

 "Arrrh, What is it again Mom?" I asked. "Umm, well, you also need to wait for her from her home and to the school. Besides, we're just neighbors with them." Mom replied. " But Mom!" I said irritatingly, scratching my head. "Aissh, don't be so stubborn Sehun. Now go fetch her!" Mom said happily.

I grabbed my bag and went outside. Aissh! What's wrong with her. Why do I even have to do this stupid thing. I messed my hair because It'sreally annoying .*sigh* but I have no choice. 

So I went to Chloe's house. I knocked and Mrs. Hwang opened the door. "Good morning, Mrs. Hwang. Is Chloe ready?" I asked. "Good morning too. Yes, she is ready now. Let me call her." Mrs. Hwang replied. After calling Chloe, she came out. She looked at me, wondering why am I here. "Let's go!" I said. 

"W-what? Why?" she said. I grabbed her hand and said "Goodbye, Mrs. Hwang" "Goodbye Mom" she also said.

<<On The Way To School>>

[Chloe's POV]

When we're already far from our houses, Sehun lets go of my hand. "What's this?" I asked.

"Just keep one meter away from me when we're far from home and school." He replied. 

 "Oh, ok" I just said. We just continued walking. There's so much silence. I want to break it. "Ummm, Se - " . he cut me off and said "One meter". "Ohhh, right now?"I stopped walking.

"Why?" he asked. "Aissh, ok, fine." I stayed away one meter from him until we've reached the school. Then, Sehun walked away with his two friends and left me. Then Jamie and Mia came.

 "Hey! What's that?" Jamie asked me. I just smiled and said " It's nothing" "Aissh, you're always full of surprises" Mia added. We went to our classes

<<Classes Started>>


<<Lunch Break>>

We started eating our lunch. "So, what happened with you and Sehun?" Jamie asked. "What's with Sehun? Why are you mentioning him?" I said. "Hmm, Well we can see that you're being close with Sehun. Why is that? You're such a lucky girl." Mia exclaimed.

 "No we're not. He's always mean to me. He just ignores me every time I tried to talk to him " I explained. "Awww, it's ok. " Jamie said while patting my back.

"Hey! Stop!" I shouted. Then they just laugh at me. I'm so embarrassed.

<<Classes Started Again>>



Hey! Chloe, Jamie and Mia called me. "Yes? What is it" I said. "Well we were just about to grab some Milk Tea, Care to join us?" Jamie exclaimed. " Umm, I don't know" I said " Aissh, common it won't took so long." Mia added. "Ok f-fine" I said then we went off.

[ Sehun's POV ]

" Aissh! Where the heck is she, I've been waiting here for so many minutes. I took a big sigh and looked around if there's a sign of her. Then suddenly, I saw her walking with her two friends towards the gate and splits apart.

[ Chloe's POV ]

I had so much fun with Jamie and Mia after buying some Milk Tea. It taste great! Then I walked towards the school gate and was shocked because I saw Sehun leaning on the wall of the school gate. "What took you so long!" he shouted and looks so irritated at me. " Why? what's wrong?" I asked. 

Then he just walked away, so I followed him. "Yah! Did you heard what I just said?" I asked. " I'm going to fetch you at home and in school." He said. " What? Psh, you should have told me that a while ago so I know that you will be waiting for me." I said "Aissh, ok fine but I hope this will not happen again." He replied " Ok, sorry for that." I said and smilled at him, but he just looked away.

 Actually I'm really getting used with his attitude. " Yah!" I was schocked when he said that. " W-what?" I asked. " Aissh, you're really forgetful.

 I said to stay away one meter from me." He said. "Arhh, but why do I have to do that." I said. "Because that's a rule." He replied. " Stupid rule." I murmured. "what?" he looked back at me. "Psh, nothing nothing. Ok fine." I said and I walked back one meter away from him.

Then we're almost at the gate of our house. But suddenly Sehun stopped from walking and called me.

 " Yah! Come here" he said and I did then he told me that I should be on his side whenever we're near at our gate. "Pfft, ok fine" I said and we both entered.

Then, we saw Auntie "Ohhh, hi Chloe! How was your day?" She said. " It was fine Auntie" I said and smiled at her. "That's great!" Auntie replied.

 Then Sehun walked towards the door of their house. " Umm, Auntie I also need to go now, I have to do my homeworks. I said. "Oh, right of course" She said and I waved my hands to her and walk towards our house door.


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