Chapter 10 - Stubborn Him

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[Chloe's POV]

YES! IT'S SATURDAY! I'm alone in this house. I have no homeworks to do. I went downstairs and I saw Mom and Dad getting ready for their trip. "Good morning Mom! Good morning Dad! You're leaving early?" I asked them. "Oh sweetie, you're up. We're leaving early for today. 

Your Auntie just called yesterday and she said that we must be early so that we can have more bonding time" she replied. I just nodded. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and clean myself.

When I'm finished, I saw Auntie at our door. I noticed that Mom looked worried. Oh no, please, not Sehun again.

 Then Mom called me "Chloe, come here" Of course, I went to her. "Chloe, Sehun is sick in bed today and you know it cause you're there yesterday.

 Auntie asked me if you can take care of Sehun while were gone. Is it ok with you?" she said. WHAT? Mom agreed to Auntie! How about me? What will I say? I have so many plans for this day and that Sehun ruined it but I have no choice. Well besides, he look awful yesterday and I'M DOING THIS FOR AUNTIE. "Well, O-ok." I replied shyly while looking down.

 Suddenly Auntie said, "This is going to be so much fun!" "What? What's going to be fun?" Mom giggled. "Oh, our trip" Auntie smiled then she winked at me. I wondered what's that wink for? Nevermind. "Everything's settled. Let's go!" Auntie said happily. At that point, they got in the car. At that moment, something came to my mind. I ran towards the car.

 "Is Sehu---"

  "BYE~" Auntie said excitedly and they went off. Psh, great. I was about to asked if Sehun already ate. My stomach is growling. It means I'm hungry. I went inside to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. What will I eat today? Bacon and eggs? Fried rice? Hmm. That' delicious.

 I prepare all the ingredients I'm gonna needed. When it's all prepared, I cooked. Hmm, it smells delicious. Minutes passed and finally IT'S DONE! I ate my breakfast. It's kinda lonely when you eat alone. I finished it up then clean the table and the dishes.

Now. What am I gonna do? The house is all cleaned up. Oh yeah...right. SEHUN. I'm ready now. I went outside, locked the doors then went to his house. I knocked first and entered. I first toured the house. WOW! It's beautiful and so clean. 

Then as I walked, I saw some pictures. I got curious and looked at it. It was Sehun. His childhood years. I don't know what comes to my mind but I want to take pictures of it, so I did.



"Yah! What are you doing?" I was shocked. I turned around and it was Sehun. I grabbed one of his pictures and said "Aww. Haha, look at you. You're so cute in this pictures" I laugh at him. At that moment, he approached me and took the pictures "Don't ever touch this again" he said with furrowed eyebrows. "Ok. Fine" I giggled.

<<Sehun's Flashback>>

As I got out of bed. I rubbed my eyes and glanced on the alarm clock near my bedside table and saw a white frame beside it. I got curious and grabbed it. My eyes widened when I saw a picture of me sleeping, leaning my head on Chloe's shoulder. "What is this!?" I shouted and messed my hair then I thought of something, who would possibly do this!? At that point, one thing came to my mind, "Mom" I uttered. I was about to go out until suddenly I saw a note beside my door so I took it and saw that it was from Mom.

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