Chapter 15 - Going out

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[ Chloe's POV ]

"Mom, ten more minutes." I yawned. "No, wake up now, it's already 9:15 A.M." She said waking me up. "Pftt, Ok Ok" I answered abrasively. "Good, now fix yourself up and go downstairs to eat your breakfast." Mom combed my hair with her fingers and she got out. 

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. As I got out, I heard a text message from my phone; I took it and saw that it was Jamie.

From : Jamie

Hey! Chloe, let's go out today. Why not go to the mall? Please say yes. I've already texted Mia and she said she's joining .

Umm, going out would be fun and I'll have time to bond with my friends.

To : Jamie

Ok, I'll join you guys, but what time we'll be going? And what mall? I don't know how to go there.

After a few seconds she replied back.

From : Jamie

After lunch. And don't worry, we'll just meet each other at the nearest bus station.

After I read the message. I hurriedly went downstairs. I saw Dad on the couch reading some newspaper, I approached him and said "Hi Dad, good morning!" with a hug. "Good morning Chloe! Now go eat your breakfast." He replied. I just nodded and walked towards the dining table. There, I saw my breakfast ready.

 I sat on my chair and began eating "Hey Dad, where's Mom?" I asked. "She's on the bathroom" Dad replied, "Oh ok". I'm almost done eating and I've got to tell Mom about our outing. "Hey, what took you so long upstairs?" I immediately turned around and saw that it was Mom. "Mom! You scared me." I muttered. "Sorry Dear." she chuckled.

 "It's because of my two friends Mom. They asked me if I could join them going out to the mall and I said yes but the thing is, I don't know where the nearest bus station is and we'll be leaving after lunch" I said. "Oh sure. I'll just take you there but be home before dark" she replied. I just nodded.


I'm on my room watching YouTube with my Laptop. I was scrolling down for more videos but I accidentally clicked something and saw the title named VIXX- G.R.8.U official mv. Well because the video was already playing I didn't bother watching it, and besides the video is so cute. I am starting to like the guy with brown hair and cute dimple on the right. After watching their video, I searched them on Google and saw their group pictures with names. 

But I don't clearly remember their faces. Only N, Ravi, and the guy with dimple named Hongbin. Ok so much for this, I need to take a bath and get ready.


I saw Mom preparing and putting the dishes on the table. I approached her and said " Mom, let me help you with that." and she handed me the dish. "Why thank you dear." she smiled, I just smiled back then I started putting the dished on the table.

After a few minutes we all sat together and prayed... "Ok, let's eat." Dad said. "Hmm, it's very delicious Mom." I said in delight while eating. "I'm glad you like it dear" she replied.

 After eating, Mom said to brush my teeth so we can leave. She said that she already told Dad about me going out with my friends and he agreed.

"Have a good time Chloe." dad said and I chuckled, "Yes Dad." I and Mom went off. While walking Mom spoke up. "Now Chloe, you must remember the way to and from the bus station. I'm not going to fetch you because you need to learn." she said and I just nodded. After Minutes of walking, we saw the bus station but it's on the other side of the road. 

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