Chapter 18 - Playing with this boy

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[Chloe's POV ]

Today is the day which we'll have our exam. I've been reviewing for the past few days and I'm ready for it. 

Actually, I'm now in our classroom, waiting for our professor to enter the room so we can start. "Dismissal will be early today so I'll go to the park. Care to join me Chloe?" I heard Jamie from her seat. I looked back at her and she smiled. 

"Oh, s-sure ok." I said. "Great! How about you Mia?" Jamie ask her while tapping Mia's shoulder. "Ok, I'll be in charge of the food." she excitedly replied. Geez, she really likes to eat but she doesn't get fat. Few minutes later, our professor came. "Yes, finally." I murmured.

While taking the test, I noticed that it was kinda easy. Huh, I wonder how Jamie and Mia are feeling right now, nah they'll be alright. I hope we all pass.

 "Mr. JungKyu! Are you sleeping again?!" We were all shocked when our professor shouted. We all looked at him. Aigoo, this boy. He always find trouble. "N-no sir" his voice trembled. "Well then, continue your work. I'll be watching you Mr." our professor said.


It's now dismissal and I promised Jamie that I would join them to the park. "Should we go now?" Mia asked. "Ok, cause I can see you've brought the foods." Jamie said. "Yeah, so let's go." Mia replied and I just nodded. We were almost at the gate.

 I glanced at my watch and it was only 2:00 A.M. Sehun would....wait! Sehun! I-I almost forgot, I need to tell him. "Ummm, g-guys I need to do something first." They looked at me. "Could you wait for me at that bench?" I pointed it. "But-" Mia cut in. "It's ok, I'll be back." I said and went off.

But where am I gonna find him? I know, I'll just go to his classroom to see if he's there. As I reach his room. I took a peek at the window of it. Tsk, he's not there. M-maybe he went home? Arhh, stupid, he would wait for me. Oh I know, I'll text him! I have his number.

[ Sehun's POV ]

"Stay focus at the ball Sehun" Lay hyung said. I'm dribbling the ball while running. "Shoot it Sehun." Kai hyung shouted. I dunk it at the basket. "Wooo! We won!" Chanyeol hyung kept running in circles. "Let's take a rest first." D.O hyung requested and they all sat at the first row seats of the gymnasium except for me. I'm practicing.

 "Sehun! You've got a message!" Suho hyung shouted. Well maybe it's Mom. "Read it!" I replied. We're shouting because I'm on the other side of the ring. "It says... Sehun, me and my friends are going out so you don't need to wait for me. I'll go home myself. Don't worry, I'll be home before 5!" 

"Huh, maybe it's from those stupid girls, and how did they got my number??" I uttered.

 I went towards them. "From Chloe." Suho hyung added. "What?!" I queried loudly. "Chloe? Who's Chloe?" Xuimin hyung got curious. "Chloe?!" Chanyeol, Luhan and D.O shouted together. "Give me that." I grabbed my phone and ran out from the gymnasium. 

Aissh, I shouldn't have let Suho hyung read this.

"Sehun oppa!" bunch of girls approached me. "Who's Chloe?" the long haired girl asked. "Is she your girlfriend?" another one asked. "Aissh, get lost!" I shouted and got away from them. I opened my phone and texted back.

To: Chloe

Ok, ok just be careful on going home.

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